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The Small Tips for Men in the Health Care

Updated: Friday, Mar 15,2013, 1:29:38 PM
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 Many people even don’t know what the prostate is yet. If you still don't know, it is really an outdated thing for you. The reason is that if you don't take care of this small gland located near the urethra, it will not only prevent the urination but also cause the obstruction of the sexual function when you are getting old. Maybe you are still unclear that the prostate is the biggest killers of the men's cancers in America.

    Here, we will put forward several practical tips of health care for your reference. Please pay attention to that if you have male family members over 50 years old.

    ◆It is an unchangeable truth to urinate frequently for men and women, and it is a good way to protect the liver and kidney.
    ◆ Drink more water so that it can urinate frequently. High urine concentrations will stimulate the prostate. Therefore drink more water so as to dilute the urine consistence.

   ◆ More relaxation in life may increase the probability of prostate enlargement. Clinical practices show that when slow down the pressure in life, usually the symptoms of the prostate will be released.
    ◆Clinically, regular sexual life shows that three times or more regular sexual life can alleviates the prostate disorders. There is nothing better than regular sexual life to empty the prostate. It is unfavorable to protect the prostate for many middle-aged couples who loss their sexual life.
    ◆A warn bath can relieve the muscle and the tension of prostate. Thus it can retard the symptoms of prostate.

   ◆Don’t eat foods with piquancy, avoid caffeine and alcohol. Although these three kinds of foods above make a different effect on men, it is best to stay away from them for the sake of health.

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