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Testicles have lumps Wary of testicular cancer

Updated: Saturday, Dec 27,2014, 6:27:00 PM
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Cryptorchidism is one of the lead to testicular cancer risk factors, if there is no metastatic tumor, 95% treatable, most can retain reproductive function. Testicular cancer is only 1% of men are cancer, the disease happens in 15 to 39 years old men, and men just covers the age of the baby boom, so it is at this stage affect male fertility, one of the most common malignant tumor.

Cryptorchidism is the largest cause testicular cancer

Factors lead to testicular cancer is more complex, one of the most dangerous of all cryptorchidism. Cryptorchidism is born male testes failed to fall into the scrotum stranded in the formation of the abdominal cavity, even by surgical treatment, the company is still the chance of progression to 20 times normal, if have not been able to take out, the evil change rate can reach more than 50%.

Promote breast cancer in women in the society now is more, women for breast cancer awareness, vigilance and the enthusiasm of self-inspection are greatly improved. Men, by contrast, testicular cancer, less attention. In fact, the main symptoms of testicular cancer and breast cancer, is given priority to with a painless mass. Patients can pass self-checking, in the early detection of testicular cancer "sign"

Men self-check can find testicular cancer

Self-check the man suggest once a month, in the bath. With palm held scrotum, knead gently with finger testicular scroll to check. Such as shapes appear on one side of the testis swelling highlight particularly obvious, uneven, or in front of the testicles or side touch the pea-sized lump, or touch testicular texture became hard but oppression and pain than before, should be timely medical treatment.

In general, the majority of patients with testicular cancer, can preserve fertility after treatment. Testicular cancer is usually single, rarely the bilateral lesions occur at the same time, the prognosis is better, if the tumor has not shift, can amount to 95% chance of cure. Testicular cancer onset conceals, progress rapidly, if found, not in time often transfer soon, life-threatening. Therefore, detection and diagnosis of testicular cancer as soon as possible, so as to improve the cure rate and survival rate.

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