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TCM treatment Men premature ejaculation

Updated: Monday, Nov 09,2009, 5:29:34 PM
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Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of premature ejaculation with a variety of factors, mainly related to wasting (kidney, heart, spleen), and liver and gallbladder damp-heat most closely related to Chinese medicine's equivalent of the reproductive system, kidneys and endocrine system functions (hidden essence, the Health and precision), and the body's pre-and post-Yin Yin a very close relationship (Kidneys 2 Yin), storage and release of human reproductive material (including semen) and growth substances. Control of the human body, including sexual function, including excretion function, congenitally deficient or masturbation, sexual excess, kidney can not hide sperm, semen excretion out of control (fine off Without a solid, refined awakened to open) rather premature ejaculation, Yongnaoguodu or Laojuan trouble, and damage Heart and, create and run the lack of blood, qi and blood deficiency caused by premature ejaculation.

The liver meridian branches around the pre-yin and before, were reinforced by the penis to gather their blood by the liver (liver function of conditioning tendon) regulation. Therefore, depression can cause anger anger (also known as phase fire) reckless, the most vulnerable areas under intensive disturbance Chu (refined rooms) loss of precision caused by premature ejaculation. Surfeit Feigan, alcohol, brewing hot and humid or the health of the Evils Exogenous hot and humid, flow injection under the coke, refined rooms within the disturbance, renal loss of sealing function of possession arising from premature ejaculation. Or because the liver through the hot and humid place bets Shuxie induced liver abnormalities caused by premature ejaculation control seal Tibet. Kidney injury or fear, then the fine off Without a solid foundation and premature ejaculation. Or feeling discomfort, depression, liver damage, liver failure Shuxie can also lead to loss of control over sealing possession of premature ejaculation.

Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of premature ejaculation, in addition to the fire Syndrome as phase hyperthyroidism, kidney-yang insufficient kidney yin inadequate Heart and losses and other syndromes to drug addition, in the acupoint therapy for the prevention and treatment of premature ejaculation, has its own uniqueness.

Acupuncture treatment of premature ejaculation has accumulated a lot of experience, common enough to Shao Yin Kidney Meridian points, and the Governor's office two veins of points, such as Shenshu, Guan Yuan, air sea, Yongquan, Sanyinjiao, Gate of Life. Usually daily or every other day one times, each time the needle for 30 minutes, the above points can take turns to use 10 to-14 times for a course of treatment. Auricular Acupuncture therapy has some efficacy, ear desirable kidney, fine palace, Shenmen, endocrine and other points, 2-3 points for each use, using intradermal needle buried or Vaccaria Seed Pressing ,3-5 days to replace a times.

Massage is also regarded as a family health approach, the following description of several massage law: (1) self-care therapy: point by both sides of the Sanyinjiao turns to the point in time do abdomen levator ani action. 1-2 times a day, every 30-40 minutes. ; (2) sit-therapy: patient was sitting, turn a blind eye to relax, take on the star, Baihui ports, yards, shoulders well, in the House, the door of God, labor Palace and so on, methods used, according to the, rub, take, vibration Oscillatoria forms, each 30-40 minutes; (3) straddle therapy: patient was prone type, belt loosened, eyes closed, body relaxed. Acupoints for Xinyu, liver Yu, Shenshu, Mingmen, Yang Guan, ring jump, Kunlun, Venezuela. Techniques applied, according to the, rub, tap, tremor and other practices. Treatment of 30-40 minutes a day, 5 times a week, adherence to treatment for 1 month; (4) Sit-style therapy: patient was supine style, eyes closed, body relaxed. Selecting points for Zhongwan, air sea, Guan Yuan, Chinese pole, Tianshu, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Yongquan. Click to take the point rubbing, rubbing get the point cut by such means. Every 30-40 minutes, 5 times a week, adhere to a month for a course of treatment.

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