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Symptom expression of wrapping glans

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 06,2016, 4:04:50 PM
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Wrapping glans is phlogistic it is a common disease of the male, cause wrapping glans phlogistic reason has a lot of, among them basically be to be caused by the infection of the bacterium and wrapping too long. Wrapping glans is phlogistic not seasonable cure is very big to the harm of male, it can cause other complication, serious can affect male fertility.

A lot of people have heard of the foreskin glans, but the symptoms do not understand it. Balanitis can be classified according to the progression of the disease: acute superficial balanitis, cricoid canker balanitis, Candida balanitis and Trichomonas balanitis, different types of wrapping glans phlogistic, its symptom is different.

The following is a detailed introduction to the performance of different types of foreskin glans:

1, acute superficial balanitis: at the beginning of local flushing, penis skin redness and swelling, self-conscious glans is hot and itchy feeling. Turn over the foreskin, can see the inner surface of the foreskin and the glans of the bleeding, bleeding, and even bleeding. Secondary infection can be seen after the small ulcers, there is a foul smell of milk white purulent secretions. Friction with underwear, such as feeling pain, the patient often inconvenient activities. Enlargement and tenderness of inguinal lymph nodes.

2, cricoid canker balanitis: in the glans and foreskin, visible erythema, gradually expanded, annular, can form a superficial ulcer.

3, Candida albicans foreskin glans inflammation: the foreskin and glans visible erythema, smooth surface, and there is a small blister, erythema edge is more clear, acute attack with erosion, seepage.

4, trichomonas balanitis: glans pimples and erythema, gradually expanded, clear edge, erythema visible on the needle size and the formation of small blisters, erosion surface.

To understand the symptoms of foreskin glans, can help patients in the first time to find the disease, good and timely treatment. Any disease, the earlier treatment, the better the treatment effect, it is recommended that the majority of patients with more understanding of the disease related knowledge, can be carried out in advance to prevent.

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