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Small penis should be how is it treated?

Updated: Sunday, Oct 18,2009, 9:25:58 PM
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What diseases can be complicated by a small penis?

Accompanied by male secondary sexual characteristics (pubic hair armpit hair and beard changed voice Adam's apple male genital morphology, etc.) hypoplasia or gradual degradation of apathetic malaise lack of male masculinity; pubic hair appears rare loss of libido or impotence premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction faults.

Bilateral cryptorchidism often complicated by obesity and poor development of the scrotum and testicular abnormalities.

Small penis should be how is it treated?
(A) treatment

Short penis small testes should be causes for different drug.

For example, the hypothalamus there are lesions with normal pituitary function should be used to luteinizing releasing hormone, if there is pituitary lesions should be used with normal testicular function of human chorionic gonadotropin; there is a problem only when the testes of testosterone should be used if points are indiscriminate use of testosterone Yi Gai The result is not ideal is to this truth.

Different groups of people, "penis reconstruction" method:

1,Shape because of an obese body fat in the lower abdomen caused by relatively thick layer of fatty layer of the penis is buried form a "turtle head type penis," this case with the fat extraction machine to remove the fat layer of the lower abdomen or surgical removal of fat layer appearance after the to extend the length of the penis there are results.

2,pure fat injection penis Angioplasty: This procedure is to extract its own fat injected into the penis advantage of less surgical trauma drawback is that a simple injection of fat to survive or not, Key issues in this constrained by more factors, results of operations are not the the ideal medical profession there are different views on this method is still at the exploratory stage to improve fat graft survival is Key.

3,implants: implants could have been European and American countries for treatment, a surgical method of organic erectile dysfunction after penile prosthesis implantation can also grow thicker and in some there is a strong desire to increase the thickening in patients with penile request of the United States and Europe are sometimes also used this method to meet their needs such operations carried out in the country is still very small.

Treatment of small penis have a certain improvement, but androgen replacement remains the primary treatment to patients because the body has provided sufficient testosterone will stimulate the development of the penis does not affect skeletal growth and closure Aller recommended treatment for each 3 weeks of oral testosterone 25mg total does not exceed 100mg before and after treatment of the penis through the length of measurement (the pubic bone to the tip of the penis) to evaluate treatment effect should be an age of therapeutic purposes is to enable children with developmental and physical growth of reproductive organs such as the consistent growth of the penis in children with relatively Children age difference should repeat the treatment associated with incomplete testicular descent in children 2 years of age should be dropped before the line of testicular LHRH fixation should be applied to the penis to promote the development and testicular descent.

"Penile suspensory ligament surgery" and "penis pedicle flap graft" is considered to be far more satisfied with the penis reconstruction method.

Resection of a suspensory ligament of the penis

The operation principle is: From the person's surface appearance of the penis to see only a part of the penis penis hidden in another part of the pubic bone from the penis within the organization the following fixed when the suspensory ligament suspensory ligament after removal of the penis so that this part of the penis is on the outside thus extending the information out of the penis in the treatment of the penis were 1347 cases of dysplasia in 84% of the patients medical records may be extended 3-5 cm penis and abroad the medical profession generally agreed that the safe operation of this operation and low-cost patients less painful and easy to promote the use of the re - this technology to build the field of the penis is the best approach.

2 penis pedicle flap graft

Penis pedicle flap grafting of autologous dermal-fat flap called transplantation is an effective method of penis thickening penis pedicle flap grafting was first carried out in foreign countries in recent years extended to the domestic.

The penis thickening penis pedicle flap grafting method is: The removal from their own skin dermis and epidermis to retain fat transplanted to the penis thickening penis to ensure a successful transplant surgery to be step-wise: start with autologous donor site (groin or buttocks or thigh) to take the skin pedicle flap produced "pedicle" means a not entirely removed but retain a portion of the skin containing blood vessels supply the "pedicle" guarantee the survival of flaps made of "band flap "; OK" pedicle flap "successful preparations for survival into the second step after the removal of the dermis and epidermis to retain fat transplanted to the penis that contains blood vessels at this time still need to keep the supply of" Di "until the success of transplanted tissue in the penis to confirm the formation of The new blood vessels supply the success of transplant tissue survival is no longer needed, "Di" provides blood supply can be removed after the "Di" to complete the operation.

This procedure has the advantage: the ability to ensure a higher success rate of transplants to ensure a more reliable thickening effect.

(B) the prognosis

For small penis patients should be followed up for a long time to observe and understand the penis of adult sexual behavior and reproductive development of the ability of authors reported that hormone therapy does not irregular or delayed development of poor children with an adult penis, abnormal sexual behavior (homosexuality), some require degeneration Reily and Woodhouse reported that a group of patients by early diagnosis and treatment although the majority of adult penis length is still lower than normal, but normal sexual activity and should therefore be the correct use of endocrine therapy on the penis is too small for patients without early treatment may be the best option for a sex change operation.

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