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Self-mockery and humor Men is the most attractive

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 13,2012, 3:54:10 PM
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The study found that men have a kind of feeling, self-mockery and humor is the most attractive women.

As is known to all, the best way to attract a woman, let her laughter. However, the latest research shows that, the most successful humor comes from those who can make fun of themselves. Like Hugh grant, who is his 47 had done, he is the sexiest men, women. As for the man, this is a risky strategy let women pay attention to your faults. However, sometimes a adventure skills may be received very good effect to attract people.

Jill green, one of the main researchers from the university of new Mexico in the United States, said: "a lot of research shows that a sense of humor is a magic key, men attract women. And we find that humorous self-deprecation make the biggest impact on women's sexual attraction. The man meaningful self-mockery humor is the best sex partner, women long for the majority of."

He added: "but this is a dangerous way, because in this way humor of women will notice your weaknesses and loss influence of self-mockery. Imagine. If an unpopular students like to make fun of his faults, other classmates may scoff at and takes him. As a result, his situation may be stronger than previously class. Therefore, this kind of high risk way to increase charm is not suitable for everyone."

People in Britain like self-mockery way, but it may cause some problems, if they adhere to their old way when they are in a foreign cultural environment. However, americans appreciate humour British people. For example, in the four weddings and a funeral "also starring Hugh grant, his humor and self-mockery his messy hair is to attract a woman's secret weapon.

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