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Self-massage can cure impotence

Updated: Thursday, Dec 31,2009, 3:10:06 PM
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Self-massage can cure impotence
Impotence common disease for clinical, patient pain and frustration with the anti-impotence effect of massage is very good and as described below.
1, massage groin

With both hands, thumb, index finger, middle finger pulp to the root of the penis from the outside in the direction of symmetry on both sides of the groin massage, massage the soft comfort of the force should not feel any pain as the degree of left and right, 50 times.

Second, moving spermatic cord twist

With both hands thumb, index finger, middle finger symmetrical twist action penis, scrotum at the top of the spermatic cord, which forced to appear Suanzhang or mild degree of comfort for the right and left, 50 times.

Third, rubbing testicles

Index finger with both hands, push up the middle finger below the ipsilateral testis, and then press your thumb on it are shown as beads gently rub both sides of the testicles, the testicle is not painful to pressure to or slightly Suanzhang is appropriate, so the 150-200 times.

4, pulling the penis and testes

The right hand or left-handed grip with the penis and scrotum in the palm, gently pull down to 150-200 times, the pull in order to have micro-penis and testicles or lower abdomen Suanzhang sense prevail on both sides of a mild stretch.

5, massage Yongquan

Yongquan heart massage right foot with left hand 100 times to the right hand left foot massage heart Yongquan 100 times, if the hot water foot bath every night after the massage therapy products more desirable.

Local Massage Therapy Impotence usually wake up in the morning or late at night before going to sleep by the patient himself or semi-supine to sitting position, tactics soft, easy to operate by local massage can promote blood circulation, improve the local nutritional status, regulate localized neurological functions of the radio , thereby contributing to the improvement of erectile function, and then through the psychological adjustment to achieve the purpose of treating impotence.

However, with the should pay attention to the following: methods of treatment to keep their skin clean perineum, perineal inflammation or skin shall be cured before making. Patients should be relaxed when you do, once daily, methods should gentle, not too much force, or effect of poor (if any pain, indicating excessive force required to adjust the way force). Practice is commonly carried out 2-3 weeks, doing more with penile erection, an erection will not be strong if, when, as mentioned in France, when pulled together, with a simple pull the scrotum.

First be patient make their own way, after 3 weeks, where appropriate, replaced by his wife to do, and then a gradual transition to intercourse. Law on the functional efficacy of apparent impotence and organic impotence are advised to used in conjunction with other therapies.

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