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Sedentary easy to suffer from prostatitis, the risk factor of 6 elements

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 08,2015, 4:34:57 PM
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The cause of prostatitis is many, meditation, sedentary is one of the reasons. Man sitting for a long time, easy to make prostate congests, poor blood flow, back and forth, easily lead to prostatitis. Because of the young age is male sexual function exuberant period, sexual activity is frequent, under the stimulation of sexual excitement can easily lead to prostate's repeated congestion, induced inflammation. Experts point out that, like the driver is the most likely to suffer from chronic prostatitis, is because of the reason for the long sedentary.

In fact, the main cause of the disease is the following several aspects:

1, the direct oppression of the genitals. Long term cycling, sedentary, etc. can cause the injury of the genitals and prostate congestion and lead to the occurrence of prostatitis.

2, unhealthy life. Excessive masturbation, sexual life, sexual behavior, sexual indulgence, venereal all can lead to the occurrence of prostatitis. Sex life is too frequent, forced to interrupt and so can make the prostate is not normal, but excessive control of sexual life, but also caused by passive congestion, once the time is too long will cause prostatitis.

3, unhealthy diet. Regular drinking, eating spicy, greasy food, etc. also can lead to prostate congestion.

4, immune deficiency. Studies have indicated that patients with prostatitis is often due to congenital or acquired immunodeficiency and produce anti prostate antibodies, which lead to prostate tissue damage. If there is no evidence of bacterial, viral or mycoplasma infection, the patient may consider the presence of immune factors. In addition, the clinical findings, the allergic reaction to a virus can also lead to inflammation.

5, pathogen infection. Although the cause of prostatitis is more complex, but the pathogen infection is one of the most recognized by most people. The most common pathogens causing prostatitis, trichomonad parasites, fungi, virus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis etc..

6 urine stimulation. Men's urine contains a variety of acid and alkali chemical substances, if a person's local neuroendocrine disorders, it will cause uric acid and other irritating chemical reflux into the prostate, can induce chronic prostatitis.

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