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Scrotum eczema What are the symptoms?

Updated: Tuesday, Jan 05,2010, 2:34:09 PM
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Scrotum eczema, is caused by a variety of factors, scrotal skin, the acute phase with papules, erosion, exudation mainly in the chronic phase to epidermal hypertrophy and a moss-like change-based itching skin disease. The incidence of all ages can be to young adults the most. Four Seasons may be the disease with the highest incidence rates in summer.

The main symptoms of this disease is the scrotal skin itchy, often lasting duration, recurrent and permanently.
Scrotum eczema What are the symptoms?

Acute scrotal skin showed visible needle size, groups of papules and blisters, diffuse edges. To continue to develop, the vesicles fuse to form larger and sometimes blisters, blisters formed after rupture of surface erosion, there is exudate, serous crust formed after drying, scrotum swollen, there is secondary infection, there pus out, then gradually reduce the inflammation and redness Fading, secretions decrease, papules and herpes does not recur, erosion healing. However, some patients with marked infiltration due to scratch the skin thickening, the formation of more or less moss-like change, then the acute eczema, chronic eczema have been transformed.

According to the clinical manifestations of chronic eczema were divided into two kinds of dry type and wet type. Prominent swelling of the scrotum wet type, there is mild erosion, discharge, crusting and significant infiltration, hypertrophy, wrinkles A deep, slightly shiny, coloring deepened significantly increased the scrotum than normal, because there are numerous scratches between severe itching. Another dry-type, edema and thickening is less prominent, and there is a thin crust and scales, gray, thickening due to infiltration, there is between the fissures, and may have irregular pigmentation disappeared.

According to the performance of the clinical course and divided into the following two categories:

(1) According to the course of the disease were divided into acute and chronic scrotal eczema eczema scrotum two kinds.

(2) Based on the clinical manifestations of chronic scrotal eczema were divided into two types of wet-and dry-type.

Eczema scrotum examination, blood routine examination and sometimes seen eosinophils increased over non-specific checks. Co-infection, the WBC count may be elevated.

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