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Redundant prepuce and phimosis are common symptoms in male adolescents

Updated: Thursday, Oct 22,2009, 11:09:37 AM
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Foreskin is the first external layer of the penis soft skin. Infants and young children the foreskin is longer, the smaller openings, which in the penis head outside to protect the weak glans tender. With age, the foreskin to the glans penis after a gradual withdrawal. By puberty, the foreskin naturally with the development of genital turned up so that the entire glans penis was completely exposed.

If you reached puberty stage, the foreskin is still the glans penis, all the surround and can not be turned on, then called the "phimosis"; If you can reveal upward, but not so often exposed glans penis, and then called the "redundant prepuce" .

Redundant prepuce and phimosis are common symptoms in male adolescents. However, because young people lack this knowledge, coupled with lax parental guidance, it is easy to be ignored. If young people have redundant prepuce and phimosis of the problems, and usually pay attention to health, will cause a range of diseases, on the marriage's sexual and reproductive lives will also have adverse effects.

1  easily cause a variety of inflammatory

The foreskin is too long, though does not affect the urination, but it actually can be filth foreskin, especially the foreskin can secrete a Great Stink of white secretion, called smegma. The long-term stimulation smegma penis head, especially the Ministry of Coronal could easily cause a packet dermatitis and penis inflammation. Ascending bacterial infection of the foreskin cavity, but also cause cystitis, pyelonephritis and prostatitis syndrome.

2  easy to induce penile cancer

Smegma of chronic stimulation is induced carcinoma of the penis causes. According to the survey, penile cancer, there are people who mostly phimosis.

3  easily cause masturbation

Smegma and dermatitis stimulus package could easily cause a masturbation act.

4  is likely to affect sex life

Foreskin repeated inflammation of the glans and foreskin easily lead to adhesion, so that penile erection is limited, thereby causing pain during intercourse, it will not only result in discord between husband and wife sex life, but also lead to psychogenic sexual dysfunction.

5  could easily lead to infertility

Infection due to smegma caused by prostatitis, can affect sperm motility in semen and semen viscosity, can cause infertility.

6  could easily lead to paraphimosis

Penile erection, the foreskin can not be turned, after turning on, the foreskin glans mouth stuck to form a paraphimosis, glans at this time would be a result of poor blood flow and edema, severe necrosis of glans penis may occur.

7  is likely to affect women's health

Since a large quantity of smegma within the bacteria can invade the woman during intercourse caused by vaginal infections. Smegma's long-term incentives also contributed to the woman suffering from cervical cancer one of the factors.

Because of these reasons, the experts suggested that there was redundant prepuce and phimosis male adolescents, surgical resection should be as soon as possible after surgery should pay attention to the wound clean to prevent infection.

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