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Prostate cancer need to know ten things

Updated: Thursday, Nov 05,2009, 5:10:04 PM
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1, listen to his wife's suggestions

As the modern day busy, seldom have time to see a doctor, often a lot of people only after Half-Life left only when they go to hospital for treatment. Dibulasi is in his wife's insistence, only to the hospital for check-ups and found got prostate cancer. But cancer does not appear overnight, on us, which is why we should start from the age of 50 every year the medical examination and testing reasons. We must before symptoms appear, the timely detection of disease, because one day earlier detection of diseases can be treated as early as one day. According to experts, the earlier the detection of cancer, the higher the probability of cure. Therefore, we must insist on medical examinations.

2, prostate cancer, are even more than you think that the general

According to the United States Santa Monica, California Prostate Cancer Foundation, said the United States prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer, about one-sixth of men will be diagnosed with a lifetime prostate cancer. About 65% of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer are over 65 years of age, as older men, their risk of prostate cancer, the higher the probability. This year, was diagnosed with prostate cancer, the proportion of men under the age of 40 is only one ten-thousandth, while the age of 40 to 59 years old, middle-aged men, compared with 1/38, aged 60 to 69 year-old male suffering from the disease, the proportion is as high as fourteenth.

3, genetic and ethnic factors affect the probability of suffering from prostate cancer

Genetic and ethnic to a pre-determined probability that you are suffering from prostate cancer. The doctor's advice, if your father and brother had been suffering from prostate cancer, or you are African-American, then you should be the age of 40 when they began to undergo a medical examination. According to Prostate Cancer Foundation, said African-American men suffer from prostate cancer, the probability of 60% higher than in Caucasian men, and they died from the disease, the probability is twice the latter.

4, living and eating habits also affect the probability of suffering from prostate cancer

The study found that sedentary lifestyle and high fat diet are likely to induce prostate cancer. West Dement, Ill., Prostate Cancer Research Center, Chicago, radiation oncologist Brian Dr. Mo Lan, said: "If you studied the oriental culture, you will find them a very low probability of prostate cancer. Which is involved in the West culture, you will find our second generation of the probability of suffering from this disease is almost the same with us. We believe that this is caused by high-fat diet. "

5, and sorting out prostate cancer is crucial

According to Prostate Cancer Foundation, said most of the men in early stage prostate cancer will not be any symptoms, if early detection of this disease, then the chance of being cured is very substantial. The following is suffering from prostate cancer, some of the symptoms: it frequently, especially at night; defecation difficulties, painful urination; a burning sensation; erectile difficulties; ejaculation pain; urine or sperm have blood; lumbar, buttocks and thigh often pain or stiffness.

These symptoms does not necessarily mean that you have suffered from cancer, they may be symptoms of other diseases, which is a comprehensive examination is so important.

6, not all are subject to the treatment of prostate cancer

Even if you got diagnosed with prostate cancer do not recommend that you immediately chemotherapy or surgery. According to patient's age, quality of life and other medical conditions, doctors sometimes advise patients without immediate treatment, or observe the period of time. For example, if prostate cancer risk was considered small, and people with heart disease or other life-threatening diseases, it better not to take any therapeutic measures.

United States Cleveland Clinic urologist Dr. Eric Klein, said: "Most men find themselves suffering from prostate cancer, their first reaction is to 'quickly treatment'. There is strong evidence of our commitment to some almost non-proliferation malignant overreaction at the moment we do not need this treatment, unless they are spreading rapidly. the greatest difficulty at this stage is to try to analyze whether we are still in need of treatment. "

7, do not have to make a decision immediately

If the bad news, unfortunately, come true, now do not panic. Today, treatment of prostate cancer is now the method is simply too numerous to mention, therefore, continue to worry about their work while ensuring that the right to find a doctor to help you make the right decision. New York, Mount Sinai Medical Center, radiation oncologist Dr. Richard Stokes said: "We often see a doctor to make decisions for the patient. If you let a doctor determine your health, then you will be deprived of the right to make choices and opportunity to learn about the new therapies. "

8, doctors vital experience in

, Including the Cleveland Clinic urologist Dr. Eric Klein said, including the experts to assess the individual patient condition and lifestyle to help determine the course of treatment a doctor should be experienced. Dr. Klein said that a large number of studies also support this concept, especially the use of surgical treatment. He said: "If you take a surgeon who has done more than a thousand cases with only 250 cases did the doctor following surgery compared to their rate of success in the cure exists for approximately 30% of the difference."

9, the patient can lead a normal sex life

All prostate cancer can be induced erectile dysfunction (ED), but the problem is usually only temporary, the results also depends on the individual patient conditions and treatment. Some experts said that erectile dysfunction after surgery is usually tend to serious, but as time goes on, this problem will be gradually improved, not

Over the use of a radiation therapy and short-term treatment of erectile dysfunction will gradually deteriorate over time. There are an expert, it all depends on a person's way of life. Once the prostate is removed, even if able to get an orgasm as before, but because of the absence of semen, it does not exist ejaculation.

10, prostate cancer may be cured

Surgery and radiation therapy can cure prostate cancer, but doctors warned that, despite the probability of each type of therapy, cure is almost the same, but patients should consider all treatment side effects. Because about 90% of prostate cancer is found in the local disease stage, and at this time is clearly very high probability of cure. In fact, at this stage of nearly 100% of men diagnosed patients will be cured after five years, on the contrary, in the 20th century, 70's, at this stage in prostate cancer patients, only 67% in five years after the escape of the illness and distress.

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