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Penile abnormalities

Updated: Monday, Nov 30,2009, 5:18:06 PM
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Penile abnormalities become more common, mainly in order to congenital malformations, are summarized as follows:
(1) phimosis normal man's penis skin is thinner, the skin near the penis head, double folded inward against, follow-up on the penis, called the foreskin. If the foreskin mouth is small, compact package glans foreskin can not be flipped up when the exposed glans is called phimosis. Children born between the foreskin and the glans is called congenital phimosis adhesion. There is also a Acquired phimosis is a secondary Balanoposthitis, foreskin mouth caused by the formation of scar contracture.

(2) Department of concealed penis is fat, too much pubic bone, but attached to the skin under the penis penis, resulting in the Ministry of the penis hidden in the pubic skin. The disease may also merge head type penis epispadias, this time across the dorsal penile skin to reach the penis urethral groove.

(3), penoscrotal transposition also known as the penis before the scrotum. Is the scrotum to the penis in front of a long, complicated with other severe malformations many can not survive, so the clinical rare. Complete scrotal transposition is rare, some of penoscrotal transposition are often accompanied by hypospadias.

(4) to reverse the penis can see from the anatomy of the penis, penis penis from the dorsal and ventral of the two middle of the composition of a corpus spongiosum, in the development process, if the penis when the development of asymmetry, it occurred penis reversed, reversing the extent of its development from the penis imbalance decision.

(5), webbed penis from the scrotum has a thin skin and extended to the ventral penis, there integration of penis and scrotum.
(6) Repeat the penis including the fork-shaped penis, complete an ectopic duplication of the penis and the penis and another three kinds of situation in order to fork a high incidence of penis-shaped. Repeat on the glans penis may be limited to or include the whole penis.
(7) in patients with no penis is not a natural long penis, urethral opening in the perineum, anus or rectum in the vicinity. This disease is very rare, about 2 million newborn boys have a case.

(8) big penis name suggests, are compared with the same age the penis is too large, said the big penis. In general, the normal adult penis is 7 to 10 cm, an erection may increase double. The disease mostly occurs in precocious puberty, congenital dementia, dwarfism, pituitary and adrenal glands hyperthyroidism hyperthyroidism were.
(9) Small Penis penis normal male newborns average length of 3.5 to 7 cm, while the small penis is less than 1 cm, to enter puberty, male penis was small child-type.

(10) with congenital penile curvature is due to the ventral corpus spongiosum in the penis shorter, so that the penis ventral bend.
Abnormal clinical penis is relatively rare, but it usually occurs because of abnormal urogenital system abnormalities in other organs. Therefore, attention should be paid as soon as possible seek medical attention as soon as possible governance.

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