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Men often eat 6 kinds of food can damage sperm quality

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 02,2016, 1:45:06 PM
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Healthy sperm is the basis of the birth of new life, although the sperm count is amazing, but it is easily hurt, some bad eating habits is one of the factors. In order to ensure the quality and quantity of sperm, the male is best to eat some food.

Celery Foreign study found that young men for several days to eat a certain amount of celery, sperm quantity obvious reduction, indigestion, celery after 4 months will gradually returned to normal. Because the formation of celery can inhibit testosterone, thereby reducing the number of sperm.

Bean curd A study of the Harvard University School of public health found that if the daily consumption of soybean products, will let the male sperm decreased the number of. Because soy contains isoflavones rich, if excessive intake will affect testosterone levels in men.

tea with milk At present, the market of the pearl milk tea is made of multi cream pigment essence and tapioca and tap water. And cream main ingredient hydrogenated vegetable oil, is a kind of trans fatty acids, it will reduce the male hormone secretion, have a negative impact on the sperm activity.

Fried chicken Grilling and frying starchyfoodscontaining carcinogen acrylamide, can lead to male small weak sperm.

Kidney. Many men like to eat grilled kidney "that Chisha fill Han, but animal offal which have different contents of heavy metal cadmium, the metal will harm the sperm.

Cottonseed oil. Wear cotton seed oil can make the cell damage, interstitial fibrosis, vascular thickening and occurrence of testicular autoimmune diseases.

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