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Men often eat 13 kinds of food to improve the Sexual ability to improve

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 22,2015, 4:05:52 PM
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1, litchi

Litchi is a good supplement qi and blood, kidney yang fruit. Litchi flesh contains a lot of vitamin C and protein, these substances can effectively help repair damaged kidney function cells, enhance the body's sexual function. Regular consumption of some litchi also helps to enhance the body's immune function, improve disease resistance. It also contains an amino acid, which has the effect of lowering blood sugar.

But also should pay attention to the consumption of litchi, litchi is very easy to get angry, suffering from heat and humidity and other diseases, should pay attention to the right amount of food. With 15 to 20 litchi, broken water decoction, can be used for the treatment of testicular swelling.

2, wolfberry fruit

There is nourishing the liver and kidney, Yijing Mingmu, and blood run bath, Ze skin Yuet Yan, Pei Yuan UFA function is improve sexual function in both men and women health medicine. It can be used for treatment of deficiency of liver yin and kidney yin, dizziness, depending on the dim, impotence and nocturnal emission, complexion is dark yellow, beard and hair is yellow, Yaoxisuanruan, yin deficiency pains, cough symptoms. Chinese wolfberry has the function of enhancing immune function, promoting cell metabolism, lowering blood cholesterol level, anti atherosclerosis, improving skin and so on. Often take medlar, can delay aging, skin Yi Yan, wolfberry has the role of excitatory nerve and improve sexual function.

Nourishing wolfberry fruit and the effect of warm the body, so the body has damp heat and phlegm dampness obstruction, performance for hypertension, quick temper tantrums, weekdays heavy in meat and flushed, and fever, body inflammation, diarrhea, is best not to eat, otherwise not only fail to health effects, may also aggravate the condition.

3, Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is recognized as the most effective, the most famous strong fine food. Containing vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements and ginkgolic acids in Ginkgo biloba leaves, ginkgo phenol, C5 polysaccharides, steroids and other lipid components, rich nutrition and for tonifying Qi, for the treatment of cough with asthma, arresting worm, increase blood flow and has good medical effect and therapeutic effect.

But once eating too much but harmful, eat up to 5 per day. Take off outside the hard skin, leaving skin, Ginkgo biloba on the pot, add water to full ginkgo, then add a little salt. Cooking time to while stirring, when the water is boiling, thin skinned will naturally fall off, plus a little water, strip the skin clean and eat.

4, clam

Clams contain a wealth of nucleic acid, is manufacturing the genetic factor and the sperm an indispensable material, often eat clam La can enhance sexual function, let the life of husband and wife "sex".

The general population can eat; high cholesterol, high blood lipid body mass, suffering from goiter, bronchitis, stomach disease is particularly suitable for; Suji should Shensi, deficiency cold of spleen and stomach should not eat.

5, spinach

When it comes to spinach, we always feel that there are more folic acid, eating easily produce stones. But some experts point out: folic acid is very important for men. Folic acid can not only help the biceps brachii muscle contraction is powerful and with spinach with 3 fatty acids together to provide the energy needed for muscle growth, also can make the muscle more sensitive to insulin, is advantageous in increasing the muscle to fat reduction. The United States experts believe that the spinach can promote muscle growth, spinach contains 3 fatty acids and folic acid, can provide a certain energy for muscle synthesis, folic acid can also accelerate the blood circulation to the reproductive organs, improve the ability to.

A lot of people are to eat spinach, spinach contains oxalic acid, especially multi leaf content variety, after eating affect the body's absorption of calcium circular. Therefore, edible such spinach timely boil the past off the vegetables in water, in order to reduce the content of oxalic acid. Not suitable for raw spinach tofu boiled, with the effect of hindering digestion, with boiling water blanching can be boiled with tofu.

6, brown sugar

For men, especially men of the spleen and stomach, drink the right amount of brown sugar water, is good to the body, drink before sex also help to recuperate. Sweet brown sugar, malt sugar, amino acids, containing protein, vitamin B, iron and other nutrients, help yiqiyangxue. Penile erection mainly depends on the blood perfusion in the penis of the meridians, blood sufficient benefit ability. Male physical deficiency, blood deficiency or tired tired, can drink brown sugar water to adjust, cultivation.

Brown sugar, although there are a lot of tonic effect. But it is not suitable for all people, taking time not too long, not overdose, otherwise, is not conducive to good health. Yin deficiency and stomach heat consumption of brown sugar, will aggravate the condition. People with diabetes can not take brown sugar, otherwise it will cause hyperglycemia; sex is best not to drink brown sugar water, avoid to cause dental caries.

7, chestnut

Chestnut to improve male sexual function is mainly manifested in the kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks the chestnuts sexual flavour Ganwen, with Yangwei spleen, kidney gluten and other effects, especially suitable for due to kidney deficiency caused by Yaoxisuanruan, waist and feet fail to materialize, more frequent urination and spleen and kidney deficiency, Tang Dynasty, doctor Sun Simiao said chestnut is "the kidney of the fruit". Modern studies also provide evidence for the health functions of chestnut. Chestnut contains unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, to hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis disease, better prevention and treatment, so that older people often eat chestnuts, achieve the purpose of longevity.

Although people have eaten raw chestnuts, too much, it is difficult to digest food, too much, easy to block the stomach. Generally speaking, the amount of chestnut per day to 5-10.

8, honey

Natural honey contains a large number of plant male germ cells, which contain an endocrine hormone, and the human pituitary hormone is similar, there is a marked activity of the biological activity of the gonad. In addition, natural honey sugar is very easy to be absorbed by the human body, the formation of the sperm is very useful. Delicious fragrance of honey, from the point of view of the value of nutrition and health is not only nourishing, and prolonging life of the product, and treatment of the medicine.

Honey has a great time to pay attention, generally in the 1-1.5 hours before meals or after 2-3 hours of food consumption is appropriate. In addition, after a night of sleep, the body most of the water, has been excreted or absorbed. At this time, the morning fasting drink a cup of honey water, can be added to the water, but also to increase the nutrition, for the elderly, but also to promote the role of defecation.

9, tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in minerals (potassium, iron, etc.), vitamin A, C and lycopene, and other bioactive substances. Among them, lycopene is a very good antioxidant, can effectively remove the free radicals, plays a role in cancer, tumor suppression, and can improve sperm quality.

Tomato is not long when high temperature heating, due to the case of lycopene in the light, heat and oxygen easily decomposed, lose health effects. Therefore, when cooking should avoid prolonged high temperature heating. Tomato bogey and pomegranate with food. Bogey and crab like eating tomato, tomato is rich in vitamin C, and shrimp all, will generate toxic arsenic. Green tomato should not eat unripe, because it contains toxic solanine.

10, oyster

The oyster is also called oysters, oysters taste salty, slightly cold, with Ziyin impotence, kidney astringent fine effect. Men's food and oyster can improve sexual function and sperm quality. Oysters can effectively help the treatment of kidney deficiency impotence. Nutrition experts point out that the man who eats only 2~3 a day can provide all the necessary zinc in the whole day. Oysters are also known as one of the men must eat food.

Oyster is not everyone can eat, people with acute and chronic skin disease should not eat; deficiency cold of spleen and stomach, spermatorrhea, chronic diarrhea, loose stools should not be eat oysters, meat should not be and sugar with the food. Also, although the iron content of spinach is very high, but which can be absorbed iron is not much and interferes with zinc and calcium absorption, so should not be used to iron supplementation on blood, especially should not be given to children to eat more.

11, red dates

In daily life, common to the problem of sexual function has auxiliary curative effect of food, jujube is one of them. Jujube rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, lysine, arginine and other amino acids, as well as 36 kinds of trace elements such as calcium, iron. Jujube also contains three kinds of compounds, with anti fatigue effect, can enhance endurance. In addition, it is rich in cyclic adenosine phosphate, this substance has a role in the expansion of blood vessels, not only can improve the nutritional status of the heart, but also improve the penis blood, increase the hardness of erection. The Mingyi bielu "clearly pointed out that the dates can be" strong bones and muscles, and to help Yin, it is fat Jian ", Qi deficiency and kidney of male often eats the red jujube, can significantly enhance sexual desire.

Red dates, nourishing qi and blood, nourishing the body "Aphrodisiac" effect is good, but the body heat of men are not fit to eat. In addition, each time to eat jujube, preferably not more than 20, eating too much will be a loss of digestive function, causing constipation. Due to the high sugar content of red dates, eat more easily lead to tooth decay, in general, can eat 10 men every day.

12, eggs

The egg is not only nutritious, but also help improve interest, is considered the strength reducing agent the best recovery after life. Traditional Chinese Medicine suggested that the life of the frequent, because of the more food and eggs, can help restore physical. Experts suggest that, after her eat two Poached Egg or a bowl of egg liqueur, greatly helps to recover.

The egg is best steamed or boiled, steamed egg soup fried fried egg with shell eggs are very good food.

13, loach

Rich in protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B1, folic acid, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients. Have good effect on regulating function. Mixed loach contains a special protein, can promote sperm formation. Adult men eat loach nourishing and can be.

It is understood, Koreans often do three kinds of strong tonic soup, the first is the loach soup, followed by chicken soup and meat soup. Korean boiled loach soup, first loach sprinkled salt, then cover the lid, loach when have no action, then the loach clean; and put loach, chili sauce, green onion, monosodium glutamate, salt, and other spices in a pot of water, boil for about an hour you can eat. Dinner, to a bowl of soup would make you loach "night life" full of energy.

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