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Men How to “Sleep” Can Be Health?

Updated: Wednesday, Jan 30,2013, 8:39:44 PM
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Human spend 1/3 time on the bed in life. It might not exaggerate said that sleep is huge fountainhead of man’s health.

Men how to sleep well and healthy?

First, good habits of falling asleep and getting up on time should be fallen into. Intersection objective law of sleep and awakening should be followed, thus sleep can be stabilized t avoid exhaustion of cerebral cortex cells. As everybody knows that strict work and rest systems are not only guarantee of creative work but also great significant to physiological processes such as sleep and awake. Strictly abiding Time table can make sleep and awakening processes come more naturally and deeply- even as conditioned reflex.

Moreover, tense mental labor should not be done before resting. Fierce movement and physical labor are inadvisable. Taking a walk outdoors is instead, stimulation on subjective should be reduced. Men who are easy excited should not do exciting speech, watch touching books and periodicals, movies or drama which remembered for a long time. They should not eat too late or gluttonize in supper but eat easy digested light food and should eat more vegetables and certain portion miscellaneous grain crops, keep bowels open. Flavoring should not be taken too much.

Smoking is advisable in the evening, stimulating beverage such as strong tea or coffee should not be drunk. Drinks, tea or coffee should not be drunk too much which will stimulate the cerebrum and cause cerebrum not easy to enter the inhibitory state.

Too much drink will increase number of urination, which is difficult to sleep again. It is well known that it is necessary to brush teeth and wash the face. Bu t habit of footbath by warm water should be fallen into, which can promote blood circulation of lower limbs and is advantageous or sleeping quickly. Body can be washed by warm water or bathed by hot water if there is condition. Coats should be taken off before resting and underwear should be changed and washed at the right moment. Loose co

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