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Massage these parts can improve the immunity of men

Updated: Monday, Mar 07,2016, 2:52:14 PM
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Massage these parts can improve the immunity of men


Elbow elbow in front of a triangle sag, it is very dense meridian, often Anrou to Qi and activate blood circulation, loose silt Qudu role.

Take a sitting or supine position, one side upper limbs unbend antecubital fossa upward, also a virtual palm focus on, on both sides of the turn beat 100 times each. If it is a family to help beat, can be both at the same time.


The navel is only part of the human body can be touched with the hand, with the eyes can see the point, called shenjue. It inline twelve meridians, so it has been regarded as the point to cure by doctors. Often beat the navel play a sedative Ningxin Shugan Lidan, Qi and blood, and the effects of tongli.

Sitting or supine position, with the right hand palm virtual focus, with the forearm force, continuously slightly beat 100 navel. Or use hot compress massage to stimulate the navel.

Lumbar and sacral fossa

Lumbosacral fossa, commonly known as "yaoyan", is a human lumbosacral depression. Lumbar Di ministry under the weight of the upper part of the body, so with the growth of the age and easy to for the strain of lumbar Di ministry and back pain and other symptoms.

Often massage the lumbosacral fossa with loose bones and muscles, relieve fatigue effect. The seat upper body slightly bent, with the right hand palm virtual focus, continuous beating lumbosacral 5~10. However, people with severe cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis, do not recommend the use of beating method.


Popliteal fossa is the posterior region of knee diamond groove, inside the blood vessels and nerves are very rich, often beating line Qi and activate blood circulation, relieve spasm effect.

Popliteal fossa is a very important point Weizhong, often massage, for common sciatica, crus fatigue, neck pain, hip pain pain diseases have good effect.


There is an acupuncture point on the apex of the armpit is called the pole spring point, massage can be wide chest Ning God, to reconcile the blood. From the modern medicine, the axillary lymph tissue is very rich, regular massage can promote blood circulation, improve immunity.

His arms across the chest, hands pressed against the side armpit, with your fingers moderate massage kneading, each according to knead for about 3 minutes; then, lift on the left hand, with the right hand palm beat left armpit, to raise right hand, left hand tapping the right subaxillary, each tap 30 ~ 50 times, repeated 5 times.

Often massage over the five parts of the introduction, the male immunity will be relatively increased, but the need for long-term massage this thing, do not think that massage can be one or two times oh.

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