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Male private part of the natural enemies: phimosis

Updated: Thursday, Oct 22,2009, 11:01:14 AM
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Some people think that phimosis, redundant prepuce does not hinder the sexual life and fertility, it is not a genital disease. In fact, this view is not scientific view. Because, whether it is phimosis or redundant prepuce, have some harmful effects on the human body.

Threat to male reproductive health and the high incidence of disease among erectile dysfunction (ED), ejaculation disorder, the redundant prepuce, phimosis is another common multiple of the disease, an average of every 5 men in one case the foreskin is too long, every 20 men in there with a phimosis.

Male genital circumcision in the first place, tightly wrap the penis, is not only an important component of male reproductive organs, but also has important physiological significance. Prepuce is the weak state of the penis, the glans completely surrounded on the inside jacket of the penis after erection sufficient; glans not able to fully show situation. Phimosis is a mouth with the foreskin is too narrow, so that the penis, glans foreskin can not be exposed to outside of a disease.

Some people think that phimosis, redundant prepuce does not hinder the sexual life and fertility, it is not a genital disease. In fact, this view is not scientific. Because, whether it is phimosis or redundant prepuce, have some harmful effects on the human body.

1: Expert to talk about redundant prepuce and phimosis hazards:

Redundant prepuce and phimosis in men disease stage a little chigger, but the incidence of a wide range so that they are ordinary, but also done great harm can not be underestimated, the foreskin is too long of patients after urination, the last few drops of urine is not easy Pai do, often accumulate in the foreskin, the combined foreskin, glans necrosis of the surface of cells and secretion of mucus material, rectal perineal factors such as pollution and reproduction, in warm and humid environment can easily form a albuginea-like substance - smegma. Smegma a long time not being thoroughly cleaned, they will right the foreskin, glans produces stimulation, could eventually lead to other diseases, such as the foreskin balanitis, foreskin stones, pigment off the formation of white spots foreskin disease, induced by premature ejaculation and penis cancer, local long-term there is inflammation, immune dysfunction, through unclean sex life are also more susceptible to gonorrhea, genital warts and other sexually transmitted diseases, according to the information statistics: foreskin too long, the chances of patients suffering from the penis are normal a few times.

Phimosis more dangerous, more time can lead to phimosis incarcerated. That is, when phimosis is not a small mouth, penis erection, glans occasionally exposed, but the narrow foreskin will be the same as the ring stuck in the penis Coronal Department, so that local blood circulation disorder, causing tissue ischemia and necrosis of distal part of the incarcerated, could result in serious consequences. In addition, the foreskin can be induced by prolapse, hernia, urinary retention and renal water and other diseases.

The impact of sexual partners: redundant prepuce and phimosis is like a double-edged sword, not only seriously endangering the health of male patients, but also to women through sex life often come to harm. Included in the sexual life of women into the vagina, can cause women's vaginitis, cervicitis, long-term stimulation can also induce cervical cancer.

1, it can lead all kinds of inflammation. Prepuce foreskin where filth, especially the Great Stink foreskin can secrete a white discharge. The long-term stimulation smegma penis head, in particular, Coronal, it can lead package dermatitis and penis inflammation. If the bacteria ascending infection, also cause cystitis, pyelonephritis and prostatitis, etc..

2, Yi-induced penile cancer. Smegma of chronic stimulation is induced carcinoma of the penis causes.

3, affecting sex life. Foreskin repeated inflammation of the glans and foreskin easily lead to adhesion, so that penile erection is limited, causing pain during intercourse, it will not only result in discord between husband and wife sex life, but also leads to psychological sexual dysfunction.

4, could easily lead to infertility. Infection due to smegma caused by prostatitis, can affect sperm motility in semen and semen viscosity, can cause infertility.

5, could easily lead to paraphimosis. When the penile erection, the foreskin can not be turned, after turning on, the foreskin glans mouth stuck to form a paraphimosis, glans at this time would be a result of poor blood flow and edema, severe necrosis of glans penis may occur.

6, is likely to affect women's health. Since a large quantity of smegma within the bacteria can invade the woman during intercourse caused by vaginal infections. Smegma's long-term incentives also contributed to the woman suffering from cervical cancer one of the factors.

2: Experts talk about redundant prepuce and phimosis treatment:

Suffering from a redundant prepuce and phimosis, the clinical manifestations of many for a number of local inflammation, repeated the formation of scale and can be smelly bag, so some patients will have their own drug taking some antibiotics, plus external wash clean, this ad-hoc Although the approach can soon be brought under control inflammation, but after a period of time the symptoms appeared. But also because of the same antibiotic resistance, for fungal infections of the foreskin balanitis, the use of antibiotics can make the disease is often aggravated, so for redundant prepuce and phimosis patients must be the basis for anti-inflammatory in a clean, surgical foreskin would be too long or phimosis completely from the fundamental solution, and this is the more effective approach.

     Boy phimosis is too long to be treated with caution: pediatric phimosis or redundant prepuce was born there, when the children were born after the normal metabolism and the secretion of excretion, the phimosis or redundant prepuce have some influence on urination, especially in the phimosis, the pediatric Voiding the occasion of the foreskin would be like a balloon blow up a camel, urinating often, after a little foreskin cavity left by the urine, together with accumulated sebum secretions and epithelial desquamation, they will gradually form a massive smegma, which is the growth of bacteria a good training ground.

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