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How to relieve itching scrotum eczema

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 21,2015, 3:52:26 PM
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Some male friends are prone to eczema of scrotum, due to intense itching and rash was pleomorphic changes, resulting in recurrent disease and permanently. Eczema of the scrotum eczema is the most common one, limited to the skin of the scrotum, sometimes stretching around the anus a extended to the penis. Eczema of the scrotum is actually can be treated, to achieve the purpose of radical cure need to pay attention to health, the selection of medicine to adhere to treatment.

Prevention and nursing care of scrotal eczema, should avoid long wearing tight underwear and jeans, otherwise it will cause artificially on the scrotum and testis tight bound. Especially in the hot weather and air permeability, so that the local heat, causing the temperature of the scrotum and lead to disease.

For some of the people who have been suffering from scrotum eczema, should be promptly to the hospital for treatment, can be used with steroids and so on. Should control their own desire to grasp, or suffer from the Ministry of stimulation, will make the treatment effect is greatly reduced, and even repeated recurrence.

It is worth mentioning is that the skin secretions, decomposition, the stimulation of microbial products, just cause inducing factors of scrotal eczema, medicine called exogenous pathogenic factors; result in a patient suffering from eczema of scrotum of crucial virulence factor is the intrinsic virulence factor that allergies allergic or constitution. Such patients need to pay more attention to.

Patients with eczema of scrotum

Patients with scrotal eczema in general should be vegetarian based, easy to digest, and do not hinder the intestines and stomach, stool should be smooth day, not eat spicy, fishy launched wind of seafood and milk, eggs and other food. Some common spleen dehumidification of diet, such as wax gourd soup with lotus seeds, mung bean, red bean soup, the scrotum eczema has better prevention effect. Products such as lotus, lotus river, lotus, water chestnut, is beneficial to the skin.

Avoid eating spicy food, such as onions, ginger, garlic, tea, coffee, wine and other easily lead to eczema of scrotum of food, such as fish, shrimp and other seafood. In short, men suffering from the scrotum eczema in addition to the timely treatment, may wish to try the above diet conditioning, can ease or prevent the discomfort of the scrotum eczema.

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