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How to determine prostatitis has been cured it?

Updated: Monday, Mar 01,2010, 9:35:34 AM
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Through period of time of regular treatment, some sufferers with prostatitis feel comfortable and stop taking medicine. But some symptoms of prostatitis will appear again in a short time. This is caused by the fact that patients' prostatitis was not really cured and taking medicine was stopped too early. This not only increases spirit pressure of patients, but also improves chance of drug resistance produced by bacteria, making cure difficult. Therefore, How to judge prostatitis has been cured well? In clinic, some standards regarding the fact that prostatitis have been cured well are as followed:

1, Knowing that symptoms have disappeared.
2, Prostate is normal and improved by means of rectal touch
3, Urinoscopy of orientation subsection is normal.
4, Coloration of prostate's blood smear is normal and germiculture is negative.

Several standards mentioned above with regard to judging whether prostatitis have been cured well can become a scientific data to decide when to stop taking medicine.

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