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How does wrapping glans phlogistic how to carry on the prevention

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 06,2016, 4:02:38 PM
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Wrapping glans is phlogistic it is the common disease of male, a lot of male patients appear the condition of the patient's condition repeatedly, make the patient is troubled by it. Balanitis if not timely treatment for the patients with damage is very large, the inflammation and infection of the urethra, urethral infection along the way retrograde, cause diseases vesiculitis, prostatitis, male fertility.

Balanitis is mainly due to bacterial infection caused by inflammation, is wrapping glans swelling, erosion, have purulent outflow, the patient will feel the glans penis is itching or pain, and also stench. Serious will appear fatigue, low heat, inguinal lymph node enlargement and tenderness and other symptoms.

Foreskin is the key to the treatment of the disease in a timely manner, but prevention is also very important. If you do a good job in prevention, it can effectively avoid the occurrence of the foreskin glans. Below for everybody to introduce the prevention method of wrapping the glans penis:

1, there is the foreskin is too long for the patient's best to clean the foreskin every day, to prevent the breeding of foreskin. Wrapping is too long the best wrapping is too long operation, reduce the happening of the disease.

2, if unfortunately suffering from foreskin glans, should be treated in a timely manner, and should prohibit sexual life, in case of infection to each other, causing cross infection. Both husband and wife for examination and treatment.

3, men should avoid feculent sexual intercourse, abstinence, reduce the incidence of disease.

4, wrapping glans inflammation patients should be timely dressing, but also to avoid the discomfort of the stimulus, we should follow the doctor's advice for medication.

5, patients with acute phase of the foreskin glans should avoid the use of corticosteroid cream, so as not to cause more serious infection.

The best way to prevent the disease is to start from life, pay attention to personal hygiene, to avoid the occurrence of dirty sex life can reduce the incidence of many diseases. If you find any symptoms, should be timely to the hospital for examination and treatment, so as not to aggravate the condition, the treatment is difficult.

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