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Harm of wrapping dirty to male health

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 22,2015, 4:43:19 PM
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How does wrapping dirty is produced?

Wrapping a large number of sebaceous glands will secrete sebum, if the men had phimosis, the foreskin is too long, usually the foreskin can not be turned up to easily lead to the accumulation of sebum in the gap between the inner surface of the glans penis and prepuce. In addition, the urine will penetrate into the gap, and the chemical reaction of these sebum, becomes a dirty, and produce a strange smell. A long time will lead to the emergence of the foreskin on the stones.

What is the harm that wrapping dirty?

1, cause reproductive infection: the long-term accumulation of dirt on the accumulation of urinary tract infections, due to the role of the foreskin and other sediment, can lead to the infection of the disease, such as dermatitis, glans, urethritis and other urinary tract infections.

2, induced penile cancer: the cause of a bad environment in the head of the penis: can induce many of the precancerous lesions of the penis cancer, such as the penis angle, penile papilloma, penile leukoplakia, proliferative penile erythema, such lesions are easy to transform into penile cancer.

3, infected with the woman suffering from gynecological diseases: the foreskin is suitable for various pathogenic bacteria growth, on the one hand to lead to their own reproductive infection, on the other hand also through the sexual life of the bacteria, the foreskin dirty into the vagina, continuous stimulation is easy to form female vaginitis, cervical erosion, etc..

Prevent wrapping dirty two kinds of methods: wash wrapping, do wrapping operation

Male division expert reminds: prevent smegma had to wash the foreskin, but some of the foreskin phimosis male wrapping sebaceous gland secretion is exuberant, even every day wash wrapping will stink, especially in the hot summer is more serious. Therefore, in order to completely prevent smegma foreskin phimosis, men also need to perform prepuce operation.

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