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Five Lifestyles Prone to Shorten Men’s Longevity

Updated: Wednesday, Jan 23,2013, 8:36:37 PM
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As the competition grows to be more and more heated and the living pressure increases day by day in China, everyone is striving to earn their living and gain achievement. Among all, men are the most whole-hearted working tribe, however, when they gain accomplishments on career, their health conditions become alerting. The following lifestyles might shorten men’s longevity. We keep our body healthy by our own, thus we should cherish and protect it all the moment.

Risk Lifestyle One: Extremely lack of exercise

Many people devote themselves to their work all day long and leave no time to exercise at all. Every morning, they rush to cope with a 10-hour work and then finally come back at night after a traffic jam for supper and rest or even social intercourse. Therefore, the rarely have the time to do some exercise.

According to experts’ survey, among an investigated group of 932 men, merely 96 men have the routine time to do exercise and about 68% of men choose the item of “not exercise at all”. The lack of exercise would lead to fatigue in body and slow in thinking. Consequently, the increasing of spirit pressure will cause anxiety in mind and heart, and then it will finally lead to diseases.

Risk Lifestyle Two: Lack of communication with family members

Over 41% of the office workers lack of communication with their family members. Even though their loved ones care about them, they will just cope with them casually. Under the circumstance of rare communication, counseling and releasing, the spirit pressure of the office workers is increasing day by day.

Risk Lifestyle Three: Refuse to turn to doctors even though they are suffering from diseases.

According to experts’ survey, almost half of male patients would buy medicines by themselves instead of turning to doctors, what’s more, 1/3 of the patients are not care about those “illness” at all. Once they have delayed to treat and missed the best time to cure, the original illnesses will turn into diseases. Many companies require their staff to take physical examine test, while male workers would probably ignore it or even ask someone to take the test for them.

Risk Lifestyle Four: A casual breakfast

With the acceleration of the working speed, a nutritional breakfast has become a dream to office white collar workers. Not taking breakfast or catching some food to mouth has become ubiquitous.

Risk Lifestyle Five: Smoking and drinking
Men are usually busy with social intercourse, thus they are easily accessible to cigarette and alcohol. They aim to their careers while ignore their health.

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