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Factors that could cause testicular atrophy

Updated: Monday, Feb 24,2014, 7:40:19 PM
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Everyday life , under normal circumstances , by the contraction of cold air will invade the scrotum , which is a normal phenomenon , not a testicular atrophy , testicular atrophy in medicine , is the original testicle is normal, after for some reason, only gradually shrinking smaller.

Virus infection induced viral infection in children and adolescents is the most common cause of testicular atrophy , especially mumps virus, commonly known as " mumps " disease . When the testicle affected by viruses , testicular spermatogenic tissue would be destroyed , testicular shrinkage, softened .

Part of the scrotum or testicle injury crash injury occurred , causing lacerations and other scrotal or testicular hematoma , wound healing and even testicular blood supply is not sufficient in the long term will be the state atrophy .

Inflammation and severe orchitis, when the incidence of testicular swelling, pain that can last for several days. Caused due to bacterial invasion of testicular tissue destruction , leading to testicular tissue atrophy.

Any radioactive material impact longer exposure to radioactive substances , such as long engaged in X-ray , isotopes and other professional personnel , if not as well protected , can cause testicular atrophy .

Testicular endocrine disease is an endocrine organ , mainly produce androgens , while directing the body in many endocrine organs, such as the pituitary , adrenal gland, the hypothalamus and other emerging diseases , can interfere with the function of the testicles , causing testicular atrophy.

These are the factors that could cause testicular atrophy , experts advise: long-term use of certain toxic effects of drugs drugs, such as arsenic or repeated use against estrogen -androgen drugs , such as ethylene stilbene phenols , etc., can cause testicular atrophy.

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