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Exercise testicles, is actually very simple

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 17,2009, 3:24:03 PM
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The best way to exercise testis. Testis must be low in activity. As long as three times a day so that the scrotum contact with the outside air, while his hands massage testicles, promote blood circulation. Then in sexual intercourse before the cold flood testicle five to ten minutes, you can make testicles to be tempered to improve sexual function.

Morning bath to create the vitality of the penis do? Last night after making love, although Haohaodishui a sense. But the next day wake up, always feel the body heavy, to can not afford to share of fatigue. In addition to physical aspects of the problem, the reflection function of the spine is often caused by fatigue and, if so, no matter how the rest can not regain their strength. This situation, if the activities of arms and legs lying in bed, doing gymnastics, then relaxed, the body's blood circulation, and can be transformed into feelings, it is easy to restore their bodies. However, when fatigue severe punishment to want to do gymnastics are unable to move the aforementioned situation, a certain fairly uncomfortable.

At this time you may wish to put a bathtub of water, a comfortable bubble. Bath at this time by the hot water will accelerate the body to stimulate blood circulation, the best to eliminate fatigue, inspired with enthusiasm. In addition, when recovery of physical function, mood will be improved due to know.

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