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Eat apple to protect male sexual function

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 20,2009, 1:12:45 PM
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Chronic prostatitis is a man of the small "cold", and sometimes even without medication, as long as the cessation of unhealthy living habits, drink plenty of water, these symptoms will disappear. In addition, you can always eat apples, for the treatment of chronic prostatitis is also very beneficial.

     Male specialists pointed out that "Apple's therapy" is also a common method for the treatment of chronic prostatitis, it is because the apple of zinc can improve the situation of zinc deficiency in patients with chronic prostatitis. Abroad through an experimental study found that prostatic fluid contains a certain amount of antibacterial ingredients, this anti-bacterial substance is a zinc protein, whose main ingredient is zinc, similar to its antibacterial role and penicillin.

     Of zinc with commonly used drug therapies compared to Apple's higher than the zinc is more effective drugs, and is safe, easy to absorb and digest the characteristics of patients. Therefore, patients with chronic prostatitis often eat apples very helpful.

     Men eat apples can also be protective function. Zinc deficiency, when a significant change in male sexual organs subsidiary of sperm morphological features are damaged. The prostate is a seminal source of zinc, but zinc is to ensure that sperm in seminal plasma can enhance sperm motility and penetration of the important factors.

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