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Common scrotal skin diseases

Updated: Friday, Jan 08,2010, 1:18:46 PM
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The scrotum in the male parts of the skin the most common are eczema, psoriasis disease, scabies and a lack of riboflavin.

(1) scrotum eczema: The lesions are mostly confined to the scrotum, and sometimes can be extended to the perineum and the skin around the anus, it seldom involving the penis. Infiltration usually overflow-type and dry type two kinds. Infiltration excess skin type showed edematous swelling, accompanied by erosion, seepage overflow, crusted, between a chapped. Dry and rough skin, dry type, grain depth, hard skin, pigmentation, skin atrophy or there may be associated with decreased pigmentation spots. Local itchy, especially in leisure time and at night obviously. Course of the disease can last months or even years.

(2) scrotal psoriasis disease: Department of fungal infection, mostly controlled by the spread of tinea cruris comes, sometimes involving the perineum, buttocks and pubic Ministry of skin. Rash clear boundary surface, often small scales, the early climate-related, and often in the summer disease or worsen in the winter to reduce or cure. For so long a recurring problem, so that the skin thickening, hyperpigmentation, skin texture deepened, when it resemble chronic eczema. However, in a rash typical of tinea cruris often exist in the vicinity.

(3) The scrotum scabies nodules: infection caused by the scabies mite. The history of scabies infection, later appeared on the skin in the scrotum or even soy beans large, slightly out of leather dark red nodules, the surface than the smooth, clear boundary, the number could be much or as little, but not mutually integration, local itching .

(4) Riboflavin deficiency: The patient had most of the collective life may be due to diet are not used to, gastrointestinal dysfunction, higher labor intensity or things caused by inadequate nutrition, lack of riboflavin, and some accompanied by glossitis, lip such as inflammation, and angular cheilitis. Most of the scrotum rash symmetrically distributed on both sides of the center line in the scrotum, the early mild erythema diameter of about 2 ~ 4 cm, clear edge after the surface cover to gray scales, and there are multi-layer substrate reddish silver-white scales, occasional micro-itching.

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