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Classification of premature ejaculation

Updated: Friday, Feb 26,2010, 3:50:11 PM
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According to different manifestations of the disease, premature ejaculation can also be divided into three types.

(1) From the onset of puberty have primary premature ejaculation, performance, accompanied by the spirit of a normal erection and the associated anxiety. As a result of pre-marital sex life habit of rapid ejaculation, erection, when excitement over strong, but the intolerance lasting moment that the vent.

(2) acute onset of premature ejaculation: usually presents an erection will not be strong, and accompanied by generalized anxiety, such as a husband to his wife, unrest, or potential harbor resentment, hostility, or as "wife strict control" over to his wife, like fear of , over-worship, a strong inferiority complex caused by premature ejaculation and so on.

(3) recessive premature ejaculation attack: not only lack of erection, and low sexual desire, anxiety is not obvious, as some people were caused by sexual intercourse too rarely tired, "a position, a posture, a time, an action" and then a large appeal will also be spun out, often causing premature ejaculation.

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