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Chronic prostatitis associated with premature ejaculation?

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 02,2016, 2:03:03 PM
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Chronic prostatitis is a common disease of the male, and about half of the men in sometime in his life will be prostatitis effect. The most common signs and symptoms of mainly the pelvic region pain, micturition discomfort, such as sexual dysfunction. The study found that chronic prostatitis and premature ejaculation is a good partner, the incidence of premature ejaculation about 40% patients with chronic prostatitis.

Many people wonder, chronic prostatitis and premature ejaculation is two completely different diseases, how will have so much relevance? Because of long-term chronic inflammatory stimulation may cause sensory nerve, the sympathetic nervous excitement, sensory nerve excited cause sensitivity increased, stimulation faster spread to the brain and therefore faster to premature ejaculation ejaculation threshold value; and the excitement of sympathetic nerve can lead to sperm ducts, canal of spermatic, ejaculation, urethral sponge body flesh, bulbocavernosus muscle involved in the enhancement of ejaculation of tissues and organs of peristaltic contractions, thus appear ejaculation is fast. In clinical practice, many patients with premature ejaculation in addition to tell a short time outside, often describe a lumbosacral, alvine, perineal, penis, spermary and other parts of the pain stimulus or micturition discomfort, visible premature ejaculation associated with prostatitis is very common phenomenon.

Of course, there are also many patients with premature ejaculation is not the typical symptoms of chronic prostatitis, but we cannot ignore prostatitis the partner. Because there is a special type of prostatitis called "asymptomatic prostatitis", that is, no obvious discomfort, but prostate fluid or semen examination found that the increase of white blood cell, many patients with premature ejaculation after inspection found that belong to this type of prostatitis, or can be considered, fast ejaculation is in patients with asymptomatic prostatitis symptoms. Sometimes these patients and not really symptoms are not, in my clinic in many patients with premature ejaculation is helpless expression, not in pumping in several times, there will be a faint urine and pain, feel a bit sensitive, gradually unable to control ejaculation feeling and is reluctant to hand over their guns and pleasure to drop, sometimes even after ejaculation and alvine, perineal or lumbosacral pain discomfort, but these symptoms but does not appear, so many people ignore their thought in addition to their own premature ejaculation without any discomfort. Especially in the secondary premature ejaculation is normal before but I do not know what causes a premature ejaculation, we must first consider the prostatitis in trouble.

Therefore, male friends should pay attention to protect their prostate, alcohol, spicy stimulate food intake, not sedentary, bieniao, pay attention to keep warm. Prostate function well, ejaculation time can be extended, they can enjoy the wonderful taste of life!

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