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Chronic Prostatitis and sexual dysfunction

Updated: Saturday, Aug 07,2010, 5:09:17 PM
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Common symptoms of chronic prostatitis: urinary frequency, urgency, urethral burning, inability to urinate, urine not the last drops of Lek, a bowel movement or urine when the urethra can see a little yellow-white discharge overflow.

Small abdominal dull pain, backache lumbago, legs were weak, perineal discomfort, urethral or anal are falling sensation or pain, the pain can be along the groin to the testes, spermatic cord, penis and thigh, etc. radiation, different degrees of sexual function disorders such as impotence , premature ejaculation, seminal emission, painful ejaculation, blood sperm and infertility.

Often busy at work, heavy physical labor, long bike or severe symptoms after intercourse frequently.

Got prostatitis, the majority of human function completely normal, some people seem very strong sexual desire, often penis erection, nocturnal emission, or premature ejaculation; some people on sexual dysfunction, ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction inability; some people have no pleasure in ejaculation after ejaculation perineal pain or ejaculatory incompetence.

This is mainly with chronic prostatitis duration of disease, severity and other factors. Longer course, more serious in patients with chronic prostatitis.

As the body of congestive prostate, prostatitis secretion into the semen so that sperm mortality increased, decreased activity, also affected the role of semen in the decomposition of the enzyme, resulting in semen liquefaction or liquefaction caused by prolonged infertility.

General course of chronic prostatitis lingering, long treatment, patients are often anxious, pessimistic mood, often accompanied by insomnia for a long time, thinking is not focused, spiritual malaise, memory loss, low efficiency of the phenomenon of.

Integrative Treatment of chronic prostatitis, chemical drugs and antibiotics in general vascular barrier by the impact of the prostate, not easy to penetrate into the prostate gland on the sebum membrane, reach the effective concentration of drug, efficacy is not good enough.

However, some antibiotics, high concentrations in prostate tissue, such as fluoroquinolones, chronic bacterial infection is still a certain effect, but for non-infectious diseases of the prostate, then the effect is poor.

Chinese medicine has its unique treatment of chronic prostatitis, and its mechanism is not isolated, but there are internal relations.

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