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Candidal balanitis of clinical manifestations

Updated: Tuesday, Jan 05,2010, 2:54:14 PM
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Men, the incidence of candidal balanitis growing, the main reason is related to sexual contact. Where and women suffering from Candida vaginitis sexual intercourse, can easily be infected and, secondly, with indirect contact with objects, such as other people's underwear, bath towels, bath and so on, coupled with, such as the foreskin is too long, candida and then prepuce, Coronal and reproduce parts of the glans hyperplasia. Candida vaginitis have occurred in patients who have sexual contact with men, their genitals were infected up to 69.4%, while Candida vaginitis, their husband's penis on the detection rate of Candida vaginitis who is no husband 4 times. There are the following clinical situations.

Common is the foreskin and the glans penis with mild flushing, dry and smooth, prepuce and the glans penis Coronal accompanied by a white cheese-like plaques at film. Scrotal involvement while in contact with the surface of the penis can be seen scaling erythematous rash, itching obvious, involving the urethra, may occur urinary frequency, urinary urgency. A small number of patients may show acute edematous foreskin balanitis, circumcision significantly associated with edema, irritation, tearing, there may be a small ulcers, sometimes associated with diabetes. A very small number of men and women suffering from Candida vaginitis after sexual intercourse, the penis occur within a few hours irritation, tearing, burning sensation, flushing the foreskin and the glans. This symptom may be a high degree of patient allergies caused by Candida albicans.

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