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Balanoposthitis prevention and treatment

Updated: Monday, Nov 30,2009, 5:35:07 PM
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This is a foreskin glans the highest incidence of the disease. Almost all patients with phimosis or redundant prepuce. In between the glans and foreskin is too long, due to shedding of epithelial cells, glandular secretion and smegma bacilli form a warm, moist bacterial culture medium, once the bacteria have entered can be caused by inflammation.

Balanoposthitis foreskin and the glans penis can be seen the initial incidence of the surface of edema, hyperemia, redness around the urethra and the emergence of the wound, erosion, and may develop into shallow ulcers, with purulent discharge flow, the patient consciously or itchy penis head office there is burning sensation, followed by pain. Ulceration after discharging and taste foul. In severe cases, there will be fatigue, fever, inguinal lymph node enlargement and tenderness.

In addition, such as a fungal infection candida balanitis, usually manifested glans mucosa erythema, local edema, performance is smooth, the edge of mild scaling, and may have papules and small abscess around to form the glans penis to the erosion. Recurrent candidal balanitis can cause chapped foreskin, glans fibrosis and sclerosing changes.

Balanoposthitis treatment: partial available glans 1:5000 potassium permanganate bath soak, sooner or later each time, or 1:1000 Bromogeramine James Cotton swab exudate or pus, be careful not to use a variety of ointments and powder, but otherwise easy to worse. In severe cases, systemic reactions can be added with antibiotics. The average treatment effect was not obvious who should pay attention to diagnosis and treatment of specific disease-causing micro-organisms. Secretion found in Candida should give nystatin or clotrimazole partially. Trichomoniasis were detected in secretions should be given oral metronidazole. Suspected sexually transmitted diseases, they should check on the secretion Gonococci, and pay attention to and hard chancre, soft chancre phase identification.

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