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Aseptic adenitis how is it treated?

Updated: Saturday, Feb 27,2010, 5:22:28 PM
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Also known as chronic nonbacterial prostatitis or prostate prostate congestive discharge, its cause has not yet entirely clear. Is generally believed that the prostate can often repeated in a variety of factors, congestion, for example, a married man, and accustomed to regular sexual life, because his wife was pregnant or illness can not be sex life, the man has a very strong sexual desire; some men for fear of the woman interruption of pregnancy in sexual intercourse before ejaculation; unmarried young men frequent sex drive and erection; alcohol and eat peppers and other spicy food, etc. are likely to trigger the disease.

Nonbacterial prostatitis symptoms similar to bacterial prostatitis, in addition to prostate pain, perineum, scrotum, groin area and under the waist, pain discomfort, stool or when voiding urethra discharge white discharge, that is, more significant prostate overflow turbidity forward. Some patients have varying degrees of urinary frequency, urinary urgency and urinary tract heartburn, some patients there may be sexual dysfunction, and nerves are shot. The above-mentioned symptoms, the prostate by digital rectal examination found slightly swollen, full, soft, massage and even discharged prostatic fluid, and the quantity of liquid than the thin, multiple urine and prostate fluid routine and culture of bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms no However, there are more white blood cells within the prostate may clinic-based disease.

The treatment of nonbacterial prostatitis is more difficult combination therapy can be used. Were initially thought to be elimination of unnecessary concerns, enhance the confidence to overcome the disease. Prostate discharge, there are mostly those who like neurasthenia, mental relatively tense, to help these patients understand the flow of white urethra for discharge of the prostate fluid, not a leak sperm right to correct their neurosis is very important. Patients should establish a healthy and regular life and order to prevent the excessive sexual minds of this, too frequent sex life and abnormal sexual behavior. To participate actively in physical exercise, ban alcohol and tobacco, bogey spicy. Nonbacterial prostatitis treated with antibiotics ineffective, but if we can not rule out the mycoplasma and chlamydia infections, a trial tetracycline, erythromycin, or ofloxacin treatment may sometimes be able to achieve an unexpected therapeutic effect.

Prostate massage is an important means of treatment of nonbacterial prostatitis, particularly for single or married separated the two patients with prostate massage on a regular basis in order to ease the siltation of the prostate fluid, the elimination of local inflammation, relieving the symptoms is very beneficial to be 1 per week continuous treatment of 4-8 weeks. It can also oral antispasmodic drugs such as Proudhon benzene Sim 15 mg 3 times a day. Pain can significantly increase the short-term use of Phenylbutazone, or hormone therapy, but it must be under the guidance of a doctor medication. Chinese medicine, physical therapy and other methods may be used. As long as build confidence, persist in treatment, most patients can be significantly reduced or cured.

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