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AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV

Updated: Tuesday, May 25,2010, 3:37:37 PM
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Sexually transmitted diseases are called STD's for short. They are also known as sexually transmitted infections (STI's). The number of cases of STD's started falling with the advent of antibiotics, but that trend has reversed.  report that the number of cases of almost all STD's is on the rise once again. The greatest increase is in the age group 15-24 with more and more women being infected. That has its own problems since many STD's can cause damage to the reproductive organs and leave a woman infertile.
You should discuss your personal history with your healthcare provider (HCP) and ask if you need to be screened or tested for STD's. Anyone who suspects they are infected with an STD should consult their HCP. Some but not all STD's can be cured. A person who suspects they are infected should also refrain from sexual contact to avoid infecting someone else.

CDC recommends that pregnant women be screened for STD's, and treated if they are infected with an STD. STD's pose a danger to a fetus, some during pregnancy and others during delivery. If the STD cannot be treated, a woman may need a cesarean.  The following is a short summary of the most common STD's. Much of the information comes from the CDC.

AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV.


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