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A new method of rapid diagnosis of gonorrhea

Updated: Thursday, Mar 03,2016, 3:13:50 PM
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Gonorrhea usually spread by sexual contact, women often within a few weeks or a few months for an asymptomatic carrier state, often in the pursuit of the sexual contact was found. Gay men without symptoms of oropharyngeal or rectal infections are also common. Occasionally can be found in heterosexual male urethral infection.

Due to the short incubation period, gonorrhea is highly infectious, if not detected early, delayed treatment, many serious complications can occur. So it is one of the current focus on prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in china. But due to the influence of the Chinese traditional concept of, many patients Huibingjiyi, conceal the illness, another part of the symptoms in patients with mild or no symptoms at all, got clap not to know oneself, resulting in continued to spread to other people.

Rapid gonorrhea method: doctors need to take a little suspected patients with urethral and cervical or conjunctival secretions can according to the color reaction of oxydase swab to judge with Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection (positive: 1-5 seconds appear purple reaction; negative: no color, more than 30 seconds of light purple reaction), the gonorrhea diagnosis method has a high accuracy, painless, noninvasive, fast and convenient.

Male patients with gonorrhea symptoms tend to be more obvious, so patients will forced to seek treatment, and mabukai face sneaks in the small clinic or Youyi "set", spent money also missed the disease. So the best patients choose the strength of the regular hospital, not only can be cured as soon as possible, will also cost a lot less money.

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