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6 kinds of food to help you improve sexual ability

Updated: Monday, Jul 11,2016, 3:27:27 PM
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1 avocado

With green avocado, sweet and juicy, and contains abundant nutrients. High potassium content of avocado helps to reduce blood pressure, and strengthen the function of cardiovascular system. In addition, the avocado contains folic acid, can make men more. Avocados can not only improve the health of the body, but also let you have a good life.

2 dark chocolate

If you need a reason to eat more chocolate, I can tell you that it is an aphrodisiac. What can be better than to make a piece of chocolate melt in your tongue better? Eat dark chocolate can actually bring more climax. Dark chocolate has been shown to increase blood flow and strengthen the brain and heart. Dark chocolate can be said to be the best food after the wine.

3 strawberries

If I can eat a whole day of strawberries, and eat every day, I will. Because they are so juicy. These red fruits are rich in zinc, zinc is essential to a healthy sex life. And strawberries can increase testosterone in men and help them produce more sperm.

4 watermelon

Although watermelon only 8% of the nutrients and the rest of the 92% is water, but the watermelon one called citrulline nutrients for sex is a great help. Amino acids can help relax blood vessels and increase sexual desire, and citrulline this substance, in addition in watermelon can ingest the most.

5 almonds

Almond is not only full of delicious protein, has also been known to be able to increase the passion, the good food to help children. Almonds are rich in nutrition, rich in a variety of sexual health and fertility is very important trace elements.

6 oysters

Oyster is so delicious, but also rich in zinc and iron, phosphorus, calcium, high quality protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients. The history of Napoleon and Caesar is very fond of eating oysters, men often oysters can improve sperm quality.

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