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care of you injured breast

Updated: Tuesday, Aug 03,2010, 6:01:26 PM
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After the breast injured by dash, it does not need special treatment if scarfskin does not damage or there is no subcutaneous hemorrhage but only observe. If there is obvious pain, female can take acesodyne to stop pain.

Subcutaneous fat and small vessels are rich in female breast. After surgical trauma, breast is easy regional hematoma, breakage or even infection. So after breast injured, it should be treated in time but not careless.

If skin of breast has the breakage, it should be debrided and cleansed immediately and sufficient antibiotic is taken to prevent infection simultaneously. If injured part of breast appears flare, febrile and pain, this is representation of inflammation. In early inflammation period, it can be treated by massive antibiotic and hot compress on part to help absorption of inflammation. Once region of infection is jumping pain and there is fluctuation on region when touched by hands, it is abscess stage of breast infection; it means adipose tissues on region of infection are necrose. At this time the above treatments are have little effect, incision and drainage of galactapostema should be done.

If after being injured, breast appears ecchymoma or hematoma, it can be cold compress if hematoma is small. Because partial blood vessel contracts after meets cold and hemorrhage can be stop. After 3 days, hot compress is adopted to help absorption of haemostasis or hematoma. If hematoma of breast is big or hematoma increases after cold compress, female should go to hospital to diagnose.  Hematoma and haemostasis of breast can be drawn out and dressed with compression to stop bleeding. At the same time antibiotic is taken to prevent infection.

After female breast injured, especially galactapostema, lactopoiesis function possibly will be affected in the future after cure. Female who infect seriously will be introcession and disfiguration in partial skin because of cars of partial organization concretion and contracture, which will damage physical and mental health. Therefore, female should protect breast not to be injured by external force. Once breast is injured, female should go to see doctors as soon as possible to prevent sequela.

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