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Women should do to prevent abortion?

Updated: Wednesday, Jan 13,2010, 12:03:19 PM
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After the abortion should first look for the causes of pregnancy due to processing, then. However, some abortion can not find the exact reason. Such a patient again after pregnancy, should note the following points to prevent abortion from happening again:

1) The attention to nutrition, adequate rest and sleep;

2) to avoid abdominal tension or oppression action, such as bending over.

Moving heavy weights, reaching to a height to fetch something, and frequent upstairs and downstairs, step on sewing machines and other activities.

3) Do not take the vibration of a very intense modes of transport, such as sitting in a car sitting in the front row as far as possible.

4) The taboo of sexual life;

5) The stability of mood, no tension, no excitement, emotion and volatility will induce uterine contraction.

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