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Women's Cold Hands and Feet Symptoms are Diseases

Updated: Wednesday, Jun 24,2009, 10:53:32 AM
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Women's Cold Hands and Feet Symptoms are Diseases

The person who has cold hands and cold feet should regulate life style or habit. Especially for whom sitting or standing for a long time, they should pay much attention to take some exercise during the work time. For example, to do some exercise which is good for hands and the lumber so that help you to improve the circulation. Meanwhile, intake much more vitamin B1 and B2, and some food which is rich in iron, vitamin F, bone of cattle soup, live of cattle, legume, milk and so on. Those of food will help you to improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet.

Medical experts found that 54% of the women are easy to suffer from algidity. The proportion of such kind of disease is becoming greater. As a matter of fact, when it comes to Autumn or winter, there are a mass of women go to the hospital to see a doctor about their health problem related to cold hands and cold feet and lumber diseases and so on.


The following is some effective methods for improving the symptoms of cold hands and feet.

Acupressure is good for Women to Improve the Symptoms of Cold Hands and Feet.

On the wrist of the back of hand, along the littlefinger, there is an acupoint named Yangchi acupoint. Yangchi acupont is one of the most important acupoint to commend the blood circulation of whole body and regulate the secretion of hormone. As long as simulate the Yangchi acupont, the blood circulation will move very well, the secretion of hormone will be balanced, so that to warm the body and eliminate the algidity.

How to find the yangchi Acupoint?
The position of yangchi acupoint locates on the aggregative part of the bone of the back of hand. How to find? First, aise up your back of hand, you will see that there are several crimple on the back of hand, then press the crimple which close with one side of the back of hand, you will find an acupoint in the middle, hat is yangchi acupoint.

Min points: It is better to stimulate the Yangchi acupoint slowly, enough time and pressure will be not too strong. Besides, it’s better to use both two hands, use middle finger of one hand to press the Yangchi acupoint of another hand, then change to use middle finger of another hand to press Yangchi acupoint of one hand.

Except for pressing the Yangchi acupoint, combing the Guangchong, mingmen acupoints and the palm of the hand so as to strengthen and receive better effect.


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