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Women Should Pay Attention to the Recessive Menopause

Updated: Monday, Apr 15,2013, 1:13:02 PM
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Women Should Pay Attention to the Recessive Menopause

A recent questionnaire shows that 27% of women at the age of 30-40 have varying degrees of the recessive menopause phenomenon. Sometimes, they even get ill without reasons. It has seriously influenced their life and work. According the introduction from one of the hospitals, Some white collars have the symptoms of fatigue, increased weight, irritability, insomnia, dry skin, brown hair color and menstrual disorders. Sometimes, they may be tired of work. Actually, all of these are the menopause phenomenon.

The recessive menopause occurs before the actual menopause, which is mainly manifested as the autonomic nervous system. The so-called autonomic nervous distribute the whole body. Its biggest feature is that it isn’t dominated by the will, such as the speed of heart beat, fluctuated blood press and body temperature.

It may disorder due to the influence of the internal body environment. During the recessive menopause, the change of internal body environment refers to the declined ovarian function and reduced hormone level. It is related to a series of problems of life and work.

Affected by the internal and external body environment, women may have kinds of symptoms of sudden flushing face in the public, sagging breasts and increasing weight. Has warned that the young women should not only take exercises and regulate mental condition but also have the regular living and balanced nutrition if they want to keep fit and healthy.

If necessary, they should go to the hospital for the treatment and take some phytoestrogens under the guidance of doctor.

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