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What women need to prevent ectopic pregnancy

Updated: Saturday, Jun 12,2010, 5:03:59 PM
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Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, salpingitis

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is the most common factors that interfere with normal operation of fertilized eggs, is common and the main reason for ectopic pregnancy. The etiology is mainly caused by salpingitis caused by sexually transmitted pathogens, and common with Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis. Inflammation so that oviduct adhesion, narrow, irregular, these pathological changes lead to decreased tubal motility wall muscle, thus affecting the fecundity of delivery. Fecundity in the fallopian tubes were blocked, which may place implantation development, occurrence of tubal pregnancy.

Perforated appendicitis is another risk factor for ectopic pregnancy, appendicitis perforated appendix abscess formation, involving the fallopian tube damage, blocked fallopian tubes, so that the risk of ectopic pregnancy increased by 2 times.

Had a history of ectopic pregnancy, the recurrence of a high probability of ectopic pregnancy. Treatment of tubal ectopic pregnancy when the reservations were, a higher proportion of recurrence of ectopic pregnancy, but often repeated ectopic pregnancy occurred in the contralateral fallopian tube, suggesting that there may be both tubal dysfunction with a potential.

Certainly related to abortion and ectopic pregnancy, which increase the danger of a fold. The more flow, the greater the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Pelvic endometriosis may also be risk factors for ectopic pregnancy.

In recent years the view that smoking could be an ectopic pregnancy occurs independent risk factors. Nicotine can cause tubal ciliated tubal reverse peristalsis to disrupt the normal activities of the egg into the uterus to postpone or delay the formation and cultivation of blastocyst. In addition, smoking also increases the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, leading to abnormal tubal anatomy, so that smokers increased the risk of ectopic pregnancy occurred.

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