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What is the formation of uterine fibroids?

Updated: Friday, Jul 24,2015, 2:03:08 PM
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Uterine leiomyoma is refers to the length of the uterus tumor, this tumor generally is benign, can get effective treatment by surgery, uterine fibroids for women the harm is quite large, serious can cause cancer and infertile, so the majority of the female friends must timely discovery inside my own body is not suffering from uterine fibroids, do early detection and early treatment, so as to regain health. The following small talk about how the formation of the uterine fibroids, hoping to help you understand the cause of the female friends of the uterine fibroids, so as to better prevent the occurrence of uterine fibroids.

1, female life generated by the number of eggs is certain, women in pregnancy and lactation period of 4-6 months due to the hormone inside the body, will suspend ovulation, so fertility of female friends than did not want to push the fertility of female friends of menopause, but also more have immunity, so the risk of uterine fibroids probability will be relatively small, so do not refuse planning Oh, growth can not only gave birth to the baby and his body is a good regulation of Oh! Uterine fibroids often with the interior of a woman's body long-term estrogen content had caused by endocrine disorders have a great relationship, so the birth of woman's children often than no birth children of women in vivo estrogen more reasonable, so there is no past child-bearing woman is prone to uterine fibroids.

2, uterine fibroids are often associated with women's sexual life is harmonious or not has a great relationship, a normal sex life can make normal female endocrine, estrogen levels will be normal, if not normal sexual life and women tend to agree with suffering from uterine fibroids.

3, women today are faced with the dual pressure of society and family, the pressure will be increased resulting in female depression and depression of women tend to cause estrogen control period, an increase in estrogen can cause uterine fibroids.

In summary, women need to have a good sex life, need to have a good attitude and need timely birth, need to make estrogen maintained at a reasonable level, estrogen, once out of control have may cause uterine myoma.

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