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What factors associated with premature ovarian failure?

Updated: Saturday, Aug 07,2010, 5:27:51 PM
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First, the earlier the menarche age, menopause occurs sooner.

Second, older first pregnancy, menopause earlier.

Third, the longer the breastfeeding, the later menopause, oral contraceptives longer the later the menopause.

Fourth, and related lifestyle: results showed that eating two to three times per week of fish, shrimp, women, late age at menopause; year round to drink the milk of women, drink more milk volume, adhere to the longer, more late menopause ; never exercise for women, menopause at earlier ages; be passive against the more the longer the earlier menopause; long wear "body sculpting underwear" causes ovarian growth retardation, ovarian injury; particularly girls, to wear tight-fitting long-term clothing will not only affect the development, but also induced diseases such as breast enlargement or cysts.

Fifth, the pace of life speeding up the psychological pressure caused by too much, it will advance the recessive female menopause symptoms.

Medical experts believe that the current premature ovarian failure may be the biggest factor in the spirit of modern women to undue stress.

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