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What could cause abdominal pain after abortion?

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 08,2009, 5:27:39 PM
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Abortion after the normal situation is: a small amount of vaginal bleeding, color, or red, or Gampsocleis, or pale pink, light brown, generally do not have blood clots, bleeding within 2 weeks clean. The day of surgery may have a slight belly pain, abdominal pain after abdominal pain disappeared or occasionally. If the postoperative abdominal pain significantly, compared with non-normal conditions may be caused by the following:

(1) incomplete abortion: abortion and sometimes there are failures. Incomplete abortion is the failure to intrauterine surgery within the villi and decidua all cleaned up. After the uterus in order to discharge the remaining embryonic tissue extrauterine, and thus causing paroxysmal contraction. At this time abdominal pain in patients with paroxysmal attacks, attack of severe pain and has increased the amount of vaginal bleeding, color red, there are large blood clots, blood clots to reduce pain after discharge, and so repeated attack. Incomplete abortion occurs when the Qing general surgery to be done, will intrauterine residual embryonic tissue scrapings, abdominal pain disappear naturally. Strengthen the anti-inflammatory treatment after surgery to prevent infection.

(2) of postoperative infection: This is the abortion of the most common complication of recent. Postoperative infections occur in patients within two weeks, you can directly caused by the surgical operation, you can not pay attention to health in patients after operation and, if sex life, swimming and other causes. Generally lead to acute pelvic inflammatory disease, there severe abdominal pain, was persistent, you can increase paroxysmal, aversion to cold with fever, vaginal bleeding, the color red, there is stench smell, or have a yellow discharge. When refused by abdominal palpation, there is tenderness, rebound tenderness; gynecological check-up cervical give pain, tenderness uterus, double attachment may have flaked or cord-like thickening, tenderness evident. If there is chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, for the faint abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, smelly, yellow secretions may clip. Postoperative infection occurred, whether acute or chronic, antibiotic treatment should be given in sufficient quantities, but also Chinese and Western medicine combined treatments can be used in order to complete the treatment.

(3) uterine perforation: This is the abortion took place in a very serious complications. When perforation in patients with multiple sudden severe abdominal pain, a small number of people can no apparent sense. Uterine perforation caused by abdominal pain for the continuity of a small amount of vaginal bleeding, if the merger had internal bleeding, can cause peritoneal irritation: abdominal pain refused to press, tenderness, rebound tenderness exist. Perforation of small and there is no damage the bladder, rectum and other internal organs, and there is no bleeding when conservative treatment: patients with bed rest; give oxytocin 10 units intramuscularly, or by adding liquid glucose intravenous infusion, 2 to 3 times a day; the same time to give enough antibiotics to prevent infection; close observation of body temperature, blood pressure, respiration and pulse changes. If the uterine cavity, there are still residual bodies may be in remission after surgery OK Qing. Uterine perforation or combined with a larger visceral organ damage, or signs of internal bleeding, you need surgery.

Little chance of uterine perforation occurred, prone to excessive dumping of music in the womb or caesarean section locations within a year pregnant women, or more frequent line of artificial abortion women.

(4) The intrauterine hematoma: mostly occurs within a few hours after surgery, the patient unbearable abdominal pain, such as knife-like, a small amount of bloody vaginal outflow, gynecological examination revealed the uterus increased significantly, soft, with tenderness. Qing-line at this time require immediate surgery and clear the blood clots within the uterine cavity and to give oxytocin and antibiotics.

The number of intrauterine hematoma occurs rarely, the uterus position over the dumping of the music, the cervix of women prone to mouth tight.

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