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What are the symptoms of cervical erosion

Updated: Thursday, Apr 10,2014, 10:22:02 PM
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Symptoms: Chronic metritis cervical erosion is the most common disease process local features . Due to the secretion of inflammatory dipping , cervical squamous epithelium , columnar epithelium covering the cervical canal to replace that showed cervical erosion. The main symptoms are:

1 , leucorrhea : leucorrhea main symptoms of the disease , usually milky white or purulent vaginal discharge yellow , sometimes bloody or mixed with bloodshot eyes .

2 , genital itching : Due to increased vaginal discharge vaginal stimulation of the vulva may be secondary vulvitis or vaginitis caused by vulvovaginal itching pain.

3 , lower abdomen and lumbosacral pain : severe inflammation may be caused by pelvic connective tissue inflammation are欇door of an inner lack ren stone bridge along the uterosacral ligament , the main ligament spread, causing lower abdominal or lumbosacral pain , accompanied by a sense of falling .

4 , frequent urination or difficulty urinating : When the inflammation spread around the bladder trigone or bladder , frequent urination or difficulty urinating may occur .

5 , infertility : a thick vaginal discharge is not conducive to sperm penetration , so severe cervicitis may cause infertility .

Diagnostic criteria :

According to the clinical manifestations diagnosis is not difficult, but it should be noted cervical erosion and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia or early cancer is difficult to differentiate from the appearance , should be routine for cervical smears ; cervical suction piece , if necessary, for colposcopy and in vivo Histological examination to confirm the diagnosis .

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