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Warning female masturbation three errors

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 27,2009, 11:07:05 AM
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Misunderstanding 1: Masturbation can be treated Midsummer Night's sleep

Description: You are often lonely woman in the elite of the city one day dressed in a beautiful business wear, like men without eyes in the swords and guns in the workplace in Pinqiang, the normal eight hours of overtime work and the N-hour later, accompanied by moonlight forward to your return home.

High-heeled shoes off the moment is hard to cover up the tired and lonely look. You know a woman, whether economic or physical should be fully independent, you have to face their own sexual needs. With the "damage the health masturbation said," the gradual was overthrown, masturbation has become your secret of happiness, and even treating it as there is nothing like a panacea for the treatment of insomnia, Tried and tested.

Analysis: the weather is too hot, whether you like it or not, more or less will be in the sun doing the "sun." The result is the overall feeling of the body hot hot, in fact, this is because the blood flow inside the body to speed up metabolism increased, producing more hormones, thus causing more people than usual, "hungry." Even a small amount of exercise during the day but also a large number of sweat, and masturbation, though a person's game, but it is not easy Shier pieces and consume energy will also sweat a lot, this is a very harm vitality, and long excessive masturbation, but also feel dizziness, ringing in the ears, not only will not cure insomnia, but will affect sleep.

Misunderstanding 2: Masturbation does not cause any disease

Description: When a variety of sexually transmitted diseases and even AIDS as a scourge like the beginning, when hit, sometimes you use condoms and other protective measures to ward off these terrible diseases, and sometimes you are taken to "resist the enemy outside the gate" strategy is no longer casual sexual relations with the opposite sex, masturbation, have become the best way to solve the problem will never be peace of mind that will not be detached with a variety of diseases, the.

Analysis: When some single women would still be inexplicable suffering from all kinds of gynecological diseases, the question came. Now that has nothing to do with men, why then would get sick?

In fact, even in healthy women, there will be nearly half of people living with mold, under normal circumstances, the vaginal environment itself to this state of equilibrium and self-purification function of the vagina to maintain a certain degree of acidity, pH value of less than 4, so that these fungi can be applied in the vagina quietly dwelling, with a dozen bacterial commensalism symbiosis, mutual restraint and harmony, like a well-ordered small society and does not cause illness. And when this balance has been broken, problems will come into play. If you pay attention to the time of masturbation hands, bedding, as well as masturbation tools, cleaning, or too much attention to health and often the use of partial alkaline lotion will break this balance and increase the chance of falling ill.

Misunderstanding 3: The psychology of fear of masturbation

Description: Do you own through masturbation enjoy sexual pleasure, but it has always been said that secrets can not be made from the traditional customs and social pressures really can not let you have a thrill when the cry. Relatives, colleagues, friends do not have to say, even in the most intimate close friend in front, masturbation is also a topic of discussion is strictly prohibited, so also is brought ashamed. So you enjoy a side of the body while the other side of the psychological fear, gradually became a dull mind scars.

Analysis: masturbation more damage is often not in the masturbation itself, but because it caused psychological burden. The first positive comments about masturbation emerged in the 17th century, doctors Xi Nida brother in favor of masturbation, he suggested that masturbation is not only able to prevent diseases, but also can make a good popular colors. Modern medicine, not only there is no conclusive evidence that masturbation is evil and immature behavior, and there is a lot of evidence that masturbation is at least harmless. Like many Western scholars believe that masturbation, like eating, is a human instinct of activity, the body will be self-mediation, there is no excess of that when they are not feeling will naturally stop.

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