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Vitamin deficiency cause vaginitis

Updated: Thursday, Nov 26,2009, 11:21:33 AM
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Postmenopausal women, due to the decline or disappearance of ovarian function, so that sex hormone levels were significantly lower, vaginal mucous membrane to shrink and thin, and often the phenomenon of vaginal dryness. But the young woman to have vaginal dryness, generally will not be because of sex hormone levels were significantly lower due. Middle-aged woman to have vaginal dryness, it may be due to a lack of vitamin B2.

Under normal circumstances, a lack of vitamin B2 will occur when the body angular cheilitis, eyelid inflammation, conjunctivitis, cheilitis, glossitis, ear mucosa dry, dry skin, scaling and other symptoms. In fact, vitamin B2 and sexual quality of life is also closely related. When the body lacks vitamin B2, the mucous membranes inside the body cavity layer will have problems caused by mucosal lesions, resulting in mucosal cells, metabolic disorders. Specific performance is thin mucous membrane, mucosa damage, broken capillaries. For the harm caused by female genital mutilation is even more serious, the most typical symptoms such as vaginal wall drying, vaginal mucous membrane hyperemia, ulceration, a direct impact on sexual desire, resulting in loss of libido, frigidity, sexual discomfort. As the vagina pathological changes in the environment caused by sexual intercourse pain, fear the same room, even if we manage over married life, nor produce a pleasant feeling, but the spirit of extreme tension caused by the woman's fear, exacerbated pain, if left uncorrected will inevitably affect the couple harmony.

Married life when such a situation may be due to the woman caused by a lack of vitamin B2. Treatment The first is diet, eat more foods rich in vitamin B2 can be, such as milk and its products, animal liver and kidney, egg yolk, eel, carrots, mushrooms, seaweed, celery, oranges, tangerines, orange and so on. If the symptoms are more serious, is not terrible, may be appropriate time to take vitamin B2 tablets, three times a day, every 10 mg (2), to withdrawal symptoms improved.

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