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Vaginal relaxation how to do? 3 steps to get you tight

Updated: Friday, Sep 09,2016, 3:51:47 PM
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Causes of postpartum vaginal relaxation

There are many causes of postpartum vaginal relaxation, the fetus is too large (Ju Daer), the natural childbirth causing injury; second trimester abortion caused by vaginal injury; multiple delivery; postpartum lack of exercise; postpartum recovery blind to lose weight, do not pay attention to nutrition or too tired and lead to poor recovery of pelvic muscles.

The vagina itself has a certain repair function, postpartum expansion phenomenon in the postpartum 3 months to restore. But after all, it is through the squeeze tear, the muscles in the vagina are damaged, so the recovery of vaginal elasticity takes a longer time. Postpartum need timely recovery to strengthen the elasticity through some exercise, promote vaginal compaction.

Vaginal relaxation how to do? 3 steps to get you tight

1, tightening the vagina movement

First find the pubococcygeus. The pubococcygeus muscle contraction in between her legs, rectum and vagina can feel the presence of the two muscles. When you're in the urine, you deliberately break the flow of urine, and these muscles are at work. When you are able to determine the presence of these muscles, you can do as mentioned above.

2, walk - type T

After the birth of a child, vaginal muscles become loose, after 40 years of age, the lack of flexibility. But if you often go to T stage, can make the perineum muscles to maintain tension, is conducive to improve the quality of life. Men go T walk, continue to massage the scrotum, also in favor of bushentianjing. Therefore, both men and women, often walk T walk, can also ease the tension, feel the spirit of the times, is conducive to mental health.

3, jogging

Jogging can also make you "sexual" to the full of vitality. Nearly 500 muscles in whole body, 2/3 concentration in the lower body, muscle activity will decline with age, arm strength, grip strength, back strength and muscle strength of the upper body at the age of more than and 60 can still be around 70% at the age of more than and 20, but lower leg force is only about 40%. Therefore, the exercise should focus on the lower body, so jogging and walking is particularly important. In addition, exercise should pay attention to with the slow and deep breathing, arm swing, stride forward quickly, in order to achieve better results.

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