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Toilet powder cause ovary cancer

Updated: Monday, Mar 08,2010, 2:37:16 PM
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Though its very hot in summer, some girls prefer to wear jeans and tight underwear. However, these clothes stop the evaporation of sweat, as a result, Heat rash, boils and folliculitis will happen to the lower belly, the upper part of the post leg and the perineum area. To solve these problems, some girls begin to use toilet powder to keep these areas dry, But this would probably cause another dangerous-- ovary cancer.

Researches found women who use toilet powder have 4 times of risk to get ovary cancer than others, because the main ingredient of toilet powder is talcum powder, and the main ingredient of talcum powder is magnesium silicate which has high risk of causing cancers.

Researchers did pathological section for 100 women who have ovary cancer, and finally found over 80% of them have tiny particulate of talcum powder in their ovary.

So why is it so high rate of getting ovary cancer to those women who use toilet powder? Because its tiny particulate can go though the vagina, womb and fallopian tube, finally go into the ovary. This material can irritate epithelia cells of the ovary to increase, long term of irritating can lead to cancer of the ovary. It has been proved in medical dissecting, too.

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