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The right way to clean the vagina of women

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 27,2009, 3:33:41 PM
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Women's private parts health is very important, so a lot of attention to women's private parts are always clean, but you are cleaning work is correct? We should know that the wrong way to clean, not only can not give you clean, it will affect their health, or even result in gynecological diseases.

Misunderstanding 1: Wash the more the better ground

Private parts require frequent cleaning, decontamination, but not wash the more the better ground. Excessive cleaning may damage the skin surface protective film, so that it becomes dry and discomfort, as well as itching, it is best cleaned once a day.

The right way:

Views: 1 times a day.

Way: the best use of shower, rinse with warm water, if there is no shower conditions, can be used instead of pots, but pots of dedicated professionals.

Sequence: first, wash your hands, and then used to back wash the vulva, wash large and small labia minora, the final wash around the anus and the anus.

Cleaning solution: can be used to decontamination of Jieyin Sterilization of health care supplies, but can with water under normal circumstances.

Note: Under normal circumstances not to carry out the vagina clean.


Misunderstanding 2: Rinse the vagina cleaner

The vast majority of gynecologists believe that the inflammation should be specified under the guidance of a doctor to use a specific washes. Misuse of flushing fluid, not only does not treat inflammation, improve symptoms, but also may increase the disease, delay treatment or the disease complications.

Misunderstanding 3: Drug lotion more secure

Some women often use traditional Chinese medicine preparation washing the genitals, that Chinese medicine is the safest. Although the heat-clearing and detoxifying herbs, anti-inflammatory role, but also traditional Chinese medicines are prescription drugs, should be used under the guidance of a doctor, and herbal medicine shelf life is shorter perishable moldy.

Women private part health tips:

In daily life, enhance self-protection awareness, to develop good hygiene habits and attention to a number of "sub-section", tend to the prevention of gynecological diseases can play a multiplier role.

In a public bathroom without misplacing clothing;

Cleaning the vulva, washing underwear and then feet;

Not with others to change into clothes, especially underwear;

Perineum of the pot clean and towels must be dedicated, and towels should be disinfected regularly boil, people with hand, foot and ringworm early treatment of women must be, otherwise easily cause fungal vaginitis;

One summer, when you try to avoid excessive wear on the bus sedentary;

Do long-term misuse of antibiotics and chemicals washing the vagina, to prevent vaginal flora imbalance caused by fungal and so on.

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