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The correct method of cleaning the vagina

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 27,2009, 3:43:14 PM
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Cleaning Views: 1 times a day can be.
Cleaning method: the best use of shower, rinse with warm water, if there is no shower conditions, can be used instead of pots, but pots of dedicated professionals.

Cleaning sequence: Wash hands first, and then used to back wash the vulva, wash large and small labia minora, the final wash around the anus and the anus.

Cleaning solution: can be used to decontamination of Jieyin Sterilization of health care supplies, but it can be with water under normal circumstances.

Experts advise: Do not be under normal circumstances, the vagina clean.

In exceptional cases, how should I do?



Changing sanitary napkins to a daily wash with warm clear water two times the vulva.
If they can not shower wash basin when washing to achieve "one person, one towel a soup bowl." Genitals and feet should be washed separately.
Do not cold bath.
Do not Bath.



Leucorrhea increase due to pregnancy, are particularly vulnerable to bacteria, wash with warm water several times a day.
Change underwear every day, clean underwear drying in the sunlight.
Without a doctor's instructions not to wash the vagina, if there are abnormal vaginal discharge (quantity and there is the smell) for medical treatment as soon as possible.



3 days postpartum in the summer, the winter after the bath a week post-partum day 1 or slightly less than normal.
Is best to use hot water shower.
Do not Bath.
If you have lochia and flavored large amount of medical treatment as soon as possible.

Unexplained itching outside the shade of


Genital washing with warm water several times a day.
Genital erasure antipruritic washed away. Experts advise: go to the hospital quickly to find the cause.

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